Poem: Not Divorced from Daffodils

It might be
she had dreamed up
that courtship
an inclination
over such
green and pleasant hills.

A handful
of tightly
hopeful buds;
much better
to pick them that way,
some warmth to
open them slowly
into daffodils-
among her
favorite flowers
to this day.


(Author’s note: The writing of this poem just happened the other night. I realize for many daffodils are out of season. No matter. The nature of reflection is being out of place and time. The picture of wild daffodils is from a journal I did back in the 1980’s while living in England: a year of Oxfordshire flora and fauna in paintings and verse…no doubt inspired by The Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden which was very popular at the time.)
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