Nature Insight: The Fall of Summer

I’ve felt relief and regret in the last few days, the air cooling along with my gardener’s desire to keep summer flowering into autumn. I admit I’ve already cheated on it, with chrysanthemums and year-end contemplation, even begun cutting it down to the size of its decline. A date with pumpkins and cornstalks will be next, the harvest moon rising, the frost finishing off the confusion of my feelings for a long and short commitment to the leaves changing and falling in earnest.

But, alas! As I write this I’m not the only one hovering between staying and moving on. A hummingbird drinks the dwindling nectar of my plantings, lifting, considering, his wings resting on a dead oak branch that still lives for the purpose of his perching.


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12 thoughts on “Nature Insight: The Fall of Summer

    • Thank you. I have only illustrated my own writing, nothing published thus far. I have a flower book (with continuous verse through the seasons) that I did years ago when I lived in England many moons ago which I am in the process of putting together.


    • Hi Steve! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. We’ve had some unusually warm weather in Western New York over the last few months but nothing like “your” temps! The foliage here has just started to change, will probably be at its peak by the second week of October. I love the contrast of color between the goldenrod and purple asters.

      I am on my way to your blog now…some wonderful work and insights to savor…you will see me there. Thanks again.


  1. I am really enjoying your blog. Gardening is a passion with me and the end of the season, always so short, is a bittersweet experience. In the Northeast, it’s really a lesson in frustration season after season, but still we try again and again. Enjoy the transition, it has its charms as well.
    Elizabeth, (Dream New England


    • Thank you for visiting my blog in return. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I really got into gardening when I lived in England, especially flower gardening, and on returning to the US I was lucky enough to continue this passion. It certainly teaches us alot about patience, nurturing, transition and how much we can’t control. Today, in Western NY, it was a splendid early fall day, with deep shadows and glints of gentle sunshine, even the withering leaves and flowers beautiful. I will be re-visiting your blog regularly. I love New England! Savor the moments! Blessings.


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