Nature Insight: Waiting with Ipomoea

Ipomoea nil

Hiding in the dusk, in the dark, in the dawn, I turned around and there it was. After a summer of waiting, unexpected under cloudy skies, boldly blue and momentary, I saw the morning in all its glory.

(Writing note: Another lesson in patience and faith. Finally had my first morning glory flowers yesterday, September 28th! Hopefully the frost will hold off as the vine is covered in buds.)

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Nature Insight: Waiting with Ipomoea

    • Thank you so much! What a wonderfully expressed impression. Hope your Thursday is blessed and joyous, Angela.

      I am inhaling and exhaling a couple of your recent and beautiful inspiring (as always) posts!


  1. Hope all goes well so you’ll be able to enjoy your train trip west. Will miss your almost daily and beautiful posts! But you will not be gone from my thoughts. Blessings for better health and see you soon!


  2. Just to let you know – I’ve got to take some time off (see Housekeeping Notes on my blog). I’ll still be here to read and rate posts but for the most part I’ll be in the background. In other words – here but not here. Take care – see you soon! 🙂


  3. Just gorgeous – both words and picture. Your posts always brighten my day enormously.

    Blue morning glories remind me very powerfully of collecting seeds in my grandmother’s splendid garden when I was a toddler. Wonderful memories.

    My afternoon plan today involves planting a large batch of daffodil bulbs in my garden – seeing new shoots come through the soil is one of my very favourite things, and I shall eagerly anticipate them in the new year.


    • Thank you! What a lovely memory of your grandmother. Small things can evoke such powerful memories, and I’m glad I had a “hand” in bringing you such a pleasurable thought.

      I hope you had a lovely afternoon bulb planting. It can be a lot of hard work–especially large patches. But, as you say, after winter the sight of them sprouting is so welcome. And there is nothing like a crowded patch of daffs! They’re sunny and resilient even when winter is hesitant to leave.


  4. This is delightful to me–I love nature and waiting each year for flowers to bloom. I watch and wait patiently, checking and rechecking to see the first bit of color showing. In fact, my brother just sent me a short video of morning glories blooming in his yard in New Mexico. They must be late summer bloomers.

    Are you the artist of the beautiful flower too?


    • Hi Bodhirose,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Of course, as you can see, I love nature too-especially flowers, both cultivated and wild…or what we think we’ve cultivated gone wild! I can imagine that morning glories in New Mexico are stunning!

      Yes, I am the artist. Writing is my first love, but drawing and painting offer a calm contemplation that I need sometimes.


  5. You know, the first sentence came to me quickly in regards to the morning glory, and when I finished the piece and went back I realized that it was a little “mysterious” as to who/what was hiding. Funny how that happens (and, I think, every writer experiences such “accidents”…

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment and for tweeting it–that was very generous of you. I so appreciate it.

    Yes, the weather has been strange…we had a very late spring…and start to summer…as if all the seasons have shifted. The frogs in the vernal pond at the back of our property have been “singing” like it’s spring…


  6. Beautiful picture – and your words complement it perfectly. I very much like how your first sentence could be read in more than one way (who/what is hiding?). I tweeted it – I hope more people find your blog.

    Our weather here is very strange at the moment; we are having a lovely Indian summer and our plants are getting very confused – spring flowering plants are in bloom again.


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