Nature Insight: Fruit-fall-ness

When the leaves turn colors the wind turns cold and brings them down. But I’ve already raked that over, finding fruit among what’s fallen.

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20 thoughts on “Nature Insight: Fruit-fall-ness

    • I am glad you found optimism in my post…I always try to offer something positive, even in the face of what might seem otherwise. I agree that autumn is beautiful, a winding down, a pulling in that winter will purify and inspire.

      Thanks so much for your visit and comment, and for directing me to your blog where I have already found some treasures.


  1. Your writing is simply beautiful – it just flows and flows and I visualize everything as I’m reading. Keep up the great work!


  2. Wonderful! It always seems a minor miracle to me that so much can be said in so few words. (Of course, I love the picture too.) This is, in itself, a found treasure, much like the hidden fruit. I tweeted it.


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