Nature Insight: More Rime Forecasted

Finally the frost bites in the buds and leaves the trees poor with the privilege of holding up the sky.


Mum is the word on whether this survivor turns away for lamentation or a sigh.


©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.


38 thoughts on “Nature Insight: More Rime Forecasted

  1. “the privilege of holding up the sky.” fantastic line, I like this poem

    “Finally the frost bites in the buds and leaves the trees” I did stumble over this line though, I read it as “buds and leaves, the trees” and there isn’t even a comma. I’m not a very good poetry reader so please ignore me 🙂


    • Thanks, Martin.

      Perhaps I should’ve put this in more of a poetry format…I decided to make this prose even though it rhymed. I was playing on the word ‘leaves’ though, so your misread wasn’t such a problem in a poetical sense.

      Thanks for your feedback–it is always appreciated!


  2. This is so simply expressed; it”s lovely (I had to look up rime) I am learning lots here on wordpress. I sometimes can’t believe how many words i just don’t know the meaning of!!

    And it goes without saying that the illustration is lovely but I am saying it anyway!

    I do so look forward to your posts



    • Thank you Christine! The word ‘rime’ came to me, as words often do to those of us who honor them, a little magically. Besides being a synonym for frost, in olden days it was also sometimes an alternative spelling of rhyme.

      I also learn a lot from the writing of others bloggers…and never mind looking up a word or reference. I believe that not knowing should be the first step to finding out!

      I am so glad you enjoyed it. Hope I can keep them coming!


  3. I’m eating lunch and looking at your beautiful picture; it’s so perfectly observed. I love it.

    The words are wonderful, too. I don’t know if you intended this (I read things in strange ways sometimes!) but this stands out to me as a standalone phrase:

    ‘poor with the privilege’.

    Such a thought-provoking juxtaposition. I find apparently contradictory things like that fascinating; there always seem to be a kernal of truth to be dug out.

    ‘Lamentation or a sigh’ is lovely too. The line itself sounds like a breath.


    • I hope your lunch (perhaps yesterday, by the time you read this) was peaceful and delicious…I feel ‘privileged’ that my painting accompanied it.

      I love contradictions too…which is a good thing, because I am full of them! The ‘poor with the privilege’ phrase came to me quickly…but what the privilege was much slower. Then when I finished the sentence and read it back a few times I realized there could be little social statement there. Not necessary to read it that way of course.

      I love the idea that flowers breathe and thank you for hearing it that way. Your writing is exquisite and your feedback means so much to me! Have a lovely autumnal weekend.


    • Hi! Thanks for visiting! I have those moments all the time…especially since becoming a blogger and seeing what amazing talent is out there, so generous in sharing. I have had a peek at your blog and work, but must set aside some serious time to savor it.

      I love your gravatar pic, by the way!


      • Thank you. It’s a detail from Gustave Courbet’s ‘The Bather’ or ‘The Woman in the Waves’. I think the model was Joanna Hiffernan (the lover he ‘stole’ from Whistler), who was known in Paris as ‘La Belle Irlandaise’.



    • Well, I know that I’m not that comfortable in the here and now (except as nature is timeless) least not in my sensibilities (probably in many other ways too…)

      That I might offer a little “purity’ through my writing and art makes me happy.

      I thank you for your perceptive comment. It means alot.


      • I think I can perceive it in you because I can feel somehow “misplaced” myself. I’m a most sensitive person and this world can be overwhelming at times.

        You’re very welcome.


    • I have thought of it…and I think within the year I will have something together, probably to self-publish.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. To see the word “cherish ‘ used in reference to my work is such a special complement!


    • Hi, Granbee. Thanks for visiting! Perhaps the word ‘lamentation’ is a little archaic, but call me old-fashioned…I just love the sound and sense of it. And sighing can’t be bad…just another way of breathing!

      Have a wonderful day!


      • I LOVE the word lametation. In fact, I was the only kid in my Sunday School Class who thought that was an appropriatge title for a book in the Old Testament!


    • Hi Laurel! I never thought I was going to include artwork in my blogging as much as I have. A picture does speak, asking for only a few words to complement it. (Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don’t!)

      As always, thank you for your encouragement and I hope you have a positive day and week.


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