More Awards to Acknowledge and Pass On

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.  ~Jean Baptiste Massieu translated from French

Over the past few weeks I’ve been nominated for various awards.  I apologize for the delay in ‘publicly’ thanking:

 AngelaMarie @ One-In-One Creation for the Soul-Song Award for my post: Tears and Sun

Jane Thorn for the Versatile Blogger Award

Caddo Veil for TWO! the One Lovely Blog Award and the Reader Appreciation Award

Betty Hayes Albright @ Seasonings for the Genuine Blogger Award

Shilpa @ My Mystic World for the Liebster Blogger Award

I accept these acknowledgments with heartfelt appreciation, especially for the honor of  highlighting other very special blogs.

Please make it a point to visit their creative and inspiring blogs as soon as you can.  And don’t forget the nominees listed below!

I also want to  take this opportunity to apologize to those bloggers I follow and who follow me, as I’m not always able to get to your posts as quickly as I wish.  My goal is to savor and make my comments worthy of the time and talent and thought (and heart and soul) that you put into your posts. Thank you all for sharing so much!

Now, for the nominations (with no slight intended to any of the superb blogs I’ve connected with–please see my blog roll):

Soul-Song Award goes to:
AngelaMarie of One-in-One Creation who from a retreat into her own quiet and sacred place offers the blessedness of our place on this earth and responsibility for its care in her poem A Passing Place .

Laurel of Laurel’s Reflections  who ponders the realization that the answer is not anywhere ‘out there’…not within another person or object…A Lesson (that) is Seldom Learnt Only Once.

Christine of Journey into Poetry who shares a recovery that is really about discovery in Surrender.

Savira of Reflections regarding her experience of coming face to face with extreme poverty, homelessness and hunger in…..  Lost in Her world

Genuine Blogger Award goes to:
of AJ Barlow for lyrical, inspirational and motivational poetry.

Versatile Blogger Award goes to:
Kathryn of Kiwsparks who entertains and enlightens as artist, writer and designer.

One Lovely Blog Award goes to:
Granbee for her sometimes whimsical, often profound, and always unique reflections and storytelling through poetry and prose.

Liebster Blog Award goes to:
Smallsmallacts offering outstanding photographs, of travels and observations,  accompanied by philosophical and insightful reflections.

Reader Appreciation Award goes to (this is a new one–to me, at least–and the rules call for six nominations of blogs I haven’t nominated previously. Well, I’m going to break that one for sure!):

Laurel’s Reflections
Verse not Prose
Caddo Veil

Please note my gratitude to ALL the readers and seekers who come here often or from time to time!

24 thoughts on “More Awards to Acknowledge and Pass On

  1. No question but that you richly deserve each and every one of these honors, my friend!! Thank you for sharing–not only handing forth more of the awards but most especially for sharing all of the beautiful artwork, both visual and verbal, that you create.



  2. Hi Diane, congratulations for all the awards! Just before I went to bed, I noticed your comment on my blog, thank you very much for the nomination! 🙂 I am glad you like what I comment!


  3. Diane, o great bardess–Congrats to you on a bunch of awards! Pretty fun, huh? And thank you for my 2nd Reader App Award–you’re a sweetheart (and due to time/energy constraints, I won’t be “putting on another speech” for it). It’s wonderful to have met you–enjoy sharing back and forth so much. God bless you–have a great weekend!


    • Hi Caddo…I totally understand about the time/energy constraints and am just so honored that you find some to visit and comment so thoughtfully here. It is a joy to have met you…and hope you’re finding some relaxing time this weekend. Blessings!


  4. Congratulations Diane!

    And thank you so much for the nomination!

    I really must learn how to do all the technical stuff to enable me to pass these awards on as efficiently as you have done – plase bear with me!


    Christine xx


    • Thank YOU, Christine! I hope you didn’t mind me including and so “advertising” your very personal poem, Surrender.

      Don’t worry about the technology with these awards…it’s the thought and heart that counts and you always pass that on perfectly!

      Love and hugs, Diane


  5. Congratulations on your many awards. Work like yours deserves the recognition…
    Thank you for acknowledging my ‘Lady’… a gesture that has touched me deeply…..
    Now I am off to visit the others….


    • Thank you, Savira! I deliberated between which post of yours to chose but this one was so honestly disturbing, revealing and soul-searching I knew it must reach as many as I could help it to…even just a little.


  6. Oh, bardess, you are way too generous in listing my TWICE for awards here. I am so blessed to know you and learn from you online. I know and love all of your nominators except Shilpa@mymysticworld. I am going to that site right now! YOU are so fantastically gifted and deserving. Hundreds, yea, thousands, of us out here in blogland adore your work.


    • Well, how could I not, Granbee? You not only put all your heart and soul into your extraordinary posts but also in the interest and all the engaging and supportive comments you make on other blogs including mine.

      As your comment here is so generous and encouraging! Blessings to you and YOUR gifts with words and in spirit!


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