Nature Insight: More Winter Flowering

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

By the window

there’s a pot

of Paperwhites

as sweet

to the scent as

they are

to the sight,

one then two

then three

even four

and five of a kind

with their eyes

so bright,

some looking out


some looking in.

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

36 thoughts on “Nature Insight: More Winter Flowering

  1. Thank you for your very nice visit to my site, via Jane and ‘High River Arts’–and I must say it is enormously pleasurable to see a painting of ‘paper whites’ at this time of year! You’ve got them just right, to the point where I can catch their perfume. And the poem has their essence in its verse.


  2. Bardess, some lily-whites used to bloom outdoors right underneath the bright red berries of holly in Macon, GA the week after Christmas! This would happen next to retaining walls facing south and fully sun-exposed. Some do seem to look inwards upon themselves, while right next to others ooking outward. Sort of like a lot of people we know. Your artwork is gorgeous, as always. Such talent!


    • What a beautiful welcome sight those lily whites must’ve been, Granbee!

      There is so much wisdom in nature, isn’t there? Like these sweet little blooms knowing enough to look in both directions…well, all around.

      Thanks for your visit and generous words!


  3. This is just lovely, Diane. The lines ‘some looking out and some looking in’ immediately evoked for me how nature is both inspiring to look at from a purely aesthetic point of view, but can also inspire us to ‘look inwards’ too. But most of all, and as Christine said, it is ‘so beautiful in its simplicity’.


    • Hello and thank you! ‘how nature is both inspiring to look at from a purely aesthetic point of view, but can also inspire us to ‘look inwards’ too.’ It’s like watching my cats, their reactions and interactions, when they are alert or restless and other times all curled up and content.

      I just keep going back to nature for inspiration…it seems to ‘cover’ everything, doesn’t it?

      This post is actually a page from the flower journal I’m hoping to self-publish soon. Blessings!


  4. Diane,

    This is so beautiful in its simplicity!

    “Some looking out
    and some looking in”

    Perfect, its just how they are!

    I am having problems with my computer today. Yesterday I put a post up about awards and I feel really bad because I forgot to mention the Soul Song Award you passed to me! WP won’t let me rectify it yet so please bear with me, I will edit it when I can. I just wanted you to know in case you read the post and you are not mentioned. Sorry! 🙂 My inbox also will not work; I am receiving nothing! Aaarrgh! x


    Christine x


  5. My favorite line is the “some looking out and some looking in” – it’s similar to a quote I love about how perspective changes absolutely everything. Beautiful art here!


    • Thank you, Fergiemoto! Oh, orchids…yes, a similar kind of budding and blossoming. I have a fascination with orchids, the way they reach and bend and dangle, though I’ve never grown any. One day when I have a little greenhouse…


  6. Hi Diane
    this is so lovely 🙂 The poem as well as the beautiful artwork! (drawing?)

    As I write this, I can see the paperwhites on the table here. (They are double hearted ones) for some reason they have grown almost a meter high lol.



    • Hi Ina! Thanks, so glad you liked it.

      So glad you have some paperwhites growing…I’ve had them grow very tall also! I gave some to a friend for Christmas and she just told me the other day that everytime she walks into her kitchen there is this soft sweet permeating scent! They are so pretty too!


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