Nature Insight: Bog Chorus

If I could sing
all day, all night,
then being
would be alright.

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

If I could send
a clear high note,
then I might
keep my head
and heart afloat.

If I could be
content to bring
one more voice,
all might muse
a hope of spring.

I take a leap
though just a frog,
not for praise
but the mud
in my cool bog.

Inspired by the frogs singing in my vernal pond
and Emily Dickinson’s poem: ‘I’m Nobody! Who are You?’

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

31 thoughts on “Nature Insight: Bog Chorus

  1. Your poem and art work reminds me of a song I used to sing to my nieces and nephews about 10 frogs sitting on a log eating lots of big, black, flies – ‘yum, yum’. One by one the frogs jumped into the pool ‘where it was nice and cool’ until there were no more frogs sitting on the log.


  2. Wonderful drawing; wonderful poem. I especially love the meter and rhyme that sings with a straightforward, wonderful grace. If I weren’t in New Mexico and back in Minnesota or Wisconsin, I think you’d have me going to a nearby bog and staring at a frog’s dark eyes just to remember the music of this poem. Both Ethel and I especially miss hearing the peeper’s chorus at night. Sometimes we talk about that while looking up at a full moon over the ponderosa pine lining the horizons of the Zuni Mountains.


    • The frogs started singing tonight after a hiatus of a few weeks…even though it is still very cold. Guess they are getting impatient for spring to behave as it should (what season has in the last year?). It is so wonderful that you and Ethel share such a love of nature, hearing its music and believing in its magic. I am very flattered that my poem could evoke such nice memories for you. As I listen to ‘the peeper’s chorus’ I shall think of you both too. Thank you so much!


  3. Love this delightful poem, Diane, and it brings back childhood memories of finding a huge frog, who we named Sam! It’s funny…the things we remember! Anyway, your painting is wonderful, too!


  4. I think that, like Emily, you do ‘sing’ with your words – and paintings. You are taking a ‘leap’ with the upcoming publication of your novel, and many more people will get to hear your ‘clear high note’! This is wonderful, both as a nature observation and for the possible metaphorical meanings. I love the painting of the frog, too.


    • Oh, thank you…what a complement! I just love Emily Dickinson’s simple yet complicated touch, if you know what I mean.

      Yes, it is quite a leap…this whole sharing thing has been…but so satisfying to offer something positive and perhaps a little entertaining to others. I think I also wrote the poem to remind myself to stay grounded and focused on my love for my craft and the blessings already in my life (including a wonderful friend like you!)


  5. Diane,

    This is a real joy to read.

    Your lovely frog content to be nobody – the first stanza is amazing!

    Frogs are such wonderful creatures; I just wish I wasn’t so “squirmy” when it
    comes to creatures without fur/hair! Although I feel I could quite happily cuddle the frog in your painting – he sees to be asking for one 🙂

    Much Love

    Christine xx


    • Hi Christine!

      So glad you enjoyed. It was written in fun…with some underlying metaphoric meaning…but mostly in fun.

      I don’t know what it is…but I’m crazy for frogs. Perhaps I’m still hoping one will turn into a prince!

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment.
      Love and hugs! Diane


    • Mine too! I always feel a camaraderie with them…talking to them and protecting them when I find them in the garden.

      We had such a mild winter and then this unnaturally warm (summer-warm) week last that they were singing early for us this year! Enjoy the bog chorus when it happens! Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.


  6. Hi Diane! Bet you’ve wondered where the heck I’ve been–I’m sorry to be so neglectful–no good excuses, just the usual! Glad I came here today–you know how much I love my “sister” Emily D–and I truly enjoyed the poem and lovely frog (I’ll bet I’ve never said that before!). I don’t recall seeing your picture before–wow, I love that too! You’re so gorgeous, which is no surprise–but I had you pictured differently in my head, you know how that goes. Anyway, the picture really helps me relate to the writers/artists–so thanks for that!! Wishing you all kinds of wonderful blessings, as we soar into Easter in a couple weeks. (And thanks for your recent visits at my place–you always say the nicest things!) love, Caddo


    • I never thought you were neglectful, Caddo. You are so prolific in your own brilliant writing which of course takes time. I’m happy whenever I see you here or anywhere! And love reading your comments.

      I just put my photo on my blog over the weekend…I hate having my picture taken…but with the novel publishing thing coming up thought it was about time to climb another hurdle. A friend and the ease of a digital camera made it quite painless afterall.

      Thanks for your beautiful kind comment. Blessings for the Easter season and always! Love, Diane


  7. May we all have the attitude of this delightful froggy, so endearingly pictured here by you, Diane! Wonderful to celebrate cool mud in one’s own pond and the ability to utter just one clear note of joy!


    • Oh, Granbee, when I was writing this I was certainly in mind of your marvelous critters and all their experiences have to offer us mere humans.

      ‘Wonderful to celebrate cool mud in one’s own pond and the ability to utter just one clear note of joy!’

      You got it! Thanks so much!


    • ‘as if they herald some adventure I could take’–what a wonderful way of putting it! I always feel blessed to hear them too…and I love seeing and touching frogs…I try not ‘to terrorize’ them too much! Thank you for your visit and lovely comment!


  8. What a delightful poem! And the painting too! It brings to mind so many of my childhood memories.

    The croaking of the frogs was such an elementary part of my childhood. Mangoes, Monsoons, Impromptu streams and the croaking of hundreds of frogs…and us friends, barefoot, running along with paper boats.

    Though neither high
    nor melodious true
    little does the frog know
    he is revered through and through
    by little boys in shorts
    and little girls too
    that play by the pond
    and there their kingdoms rule. 🙂


  9. Oh how I love your poem and Ms. Emily’s, too! 🙂 We heard the peep frogs for the first time this year a couple of nights ago… Hoping for a nice long spring without being rushed into summer.


    • Thank you, Barbara! So glad you enjoyed it. It’s one of my favorites of Emily’s. The frogs were singing non-stop for about 2 weeks but are quieter now…the mating calls must’ve worked!

      We had hot weather last week…more like early summer than early spring…so everything really jumped forward in terms of growth and blossoming…now it’s gone very cold again…a hard frost is forecasted for tonight…hope everything makes it…


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