Poem: Almost April Fools

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

It’s snowing!
April fools!
Though I’m not fooling
and not fooled
any more than
budding daffodils
or growing grass

Copright 2012 by DM Denton

or crocuses
already full grown
but closed for warmth
and maybe
so they won’t see.

Writing Note: Actually the crocus flowers here have already withered due to the sunny summer temperatures we had the week before last (this is a piece I wrote many years ago…) But it did snow overnight! And the daffodils are bowing low, in homage to Mother Nature…or murmuring something less deferential under their breath?

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

41 thoughts on “Poem: Almost April Fools

  1. New Mexico has snow on April 1st too. Ethel took a picture of one of her flowers growing in a bed of total gravel beside a small piece of dried out wood beside the white of April snow. On April 3rd we drove the two hours to Albuquerque in an even bigger snow storm to the cancer hospital. I enjoyed this a lot.


    • I am surprised that there was snow in New Mexico on April 1st! And a snowstorm a few days later! Ethel’s picture sounds lovely…but an artist always finds beauty–if an unusual or even sad beauty–in each situation. Thanks so much!


  2. Spring has sprung, and I sure hope that it is here to stay for a while. I love the artwork and your photo is lovely! 🙂


  3. Hi Diane! It has been a confusing Spring, indeed!! I also love your imagery of the crocuses being closed “so they won’t see.”

    I have grass growing in my backyard, and I am making plans for my garden!! Oh, how exciting. I am still thinking of lavender and yellow roses….. and St. Francis!! 🙂

    Hugs & love,


    • Hi Angela! Thank you, and blessings for Holy Thursday. Yes, how strange all the seasons have been this past year…

      Keep me updated on your yard progress…I really want to enhance my St Francis garden…must start planning too! Right now I have been protecting the tender perennial shoots–that sprouted a little too early–from the night frosts.

      Love and hugs, Diane


  4. Love the crosuses being closed so they won’t see the snow. Daffodils in my own yard (garden, as you would say in the UK) received frost more than once and then opened right up in the morning sun later back in January and February (unreal winter we had in NW Alabama!) Love your drawings and this April Fool’s snow sense of playfulness!


  5. I love this post! The outstanding illustrations, the poem and the notes all made me smile, especially the idea of the daffodils and crocuses not being ‘April fooled’ – the crocuses deliberately not seeing and the daffodils murmuring undeferential things!


    • Thank you! It always means so much when you enjoy what I post! It was just a simple little thing I had written some time ago and it was strange how relevant it was once more–we did get snow on April 1st! But sunshine today..and frost tonight…so I’m out to cover those tender confused perennials when I get home!


  6. Oh, this is wonderful, Diane! Call me silly, but I can’t believe what seeing your picture and following your blog have done for me–such a blessing!! No April Fool’s–I’ve got to quit thinking I can “remember” much a’tall!! It may mean more emails, but “following” special blogs is the only way I’m going to make it, here in Blogville. Oh, well–it only took me 7 months to figure this out! Thanks so much for your recent visits to my place–God bless you abundantly, dear heart.


    • Caddo, you have made me blush…but also made my spirit soar when it has been a weekend that has darkened it a little. I know what you mean about following blogs…it is worth all the time and thought it takes to keep up the beautiful work and thoughts and spirits that I have connected to through blogging. And I always enjoy you posts so much…you are a wonderful poet…offering such depth and gentle humor…I apologize for sometimes taking a while to get to them. God bless you, and lift your spirit higher and higher!


      • No need for apologies at all! It’s an impossible job to make daily jaunts and comments on all the blogs–we all have our limits. I’m thrilled that you visit when you can–

        And apparently I didn’t have enough to obsess about today, because after reading your reply I began to fret that my comment might have sounded “questionable”, if it made you blush. What I meant to convey is that, having seen your photo and clicking “follow”–you were no longer just a blog-name, you know? We have to use caution–even in a writing community, sadly–however, some of the gals I’ve met have so enriched my life. Prior to seeing your picture, I had a completely different image–not at all unflattering, mind you!–but now I just feel more connected. So, before I drive both of us any crazier–I’m having an “anniversary” party in late August (in Blogville, of course–though I so wish I could do it for real!)–and you’re cordially invited (details later)!! So, I hope I don’t cause any more blushing, Diane–have a much-blessed Easter!


        • Oh, Caddo, your comment wasn’t at all questionable! I’m so sorry that in any way I made you worry about that. (I understand…as I am a worrier too…) I was meaning to seem humbled…

          I’m so glad we’ve connected and I agree that it does help to put a face to a blog…although I think we all reveal ourselves in ways that transcend our physical appearance…in more essential ways.

          Can’t wait to ‘hear’ the details of your ‘Anniversary Party” (what a wonderful idea!)…

          Blessings for Easter, and always! Diane


    • Oh, Laurel, such a comment means the world to me! Thank you, and know that offering a little joy is as much for myself as I struggle against the gloom too… It reminds me of how blessed I am after all.


  7. This is fabulous Diane!!

    Our daffodils are muttering too!! You made me laugh out loud in your note!

    It’s so sad when the flowers become confused by our weird weather, I feel really sorry for them, they work so hard, silently and relentlessly to give us joy.

    Your illustrations are, as ever exquisite and beautiful.

    Much love and hugs

    Christine x


    • Hi Christine!

      Oh, what a complement! Thank you! I smiled when I read your comment on being sad for the flowers…I have the same empathy for their patience and effort and faith. I am always so amazed when I see how they survive so much ‘adversity’. That is why nature has such healing and comforting powers, as I know you know.

      With love and hugs coming right back at you!


    • Hi Ina! Thanks so much!

      Today we had sleet and freezing rain…all my daffodils look so bedraggled…still bowing their heads…I’m quite sure in disgust by now. Hope your spring turns nice again!


  8. Our flowers and trees in Indiana have also been fooled by the warm weather. I’ve planted pansies, but we’re still six weeks away from the last frost date–plenty of time for an ice storm.


    • Hi Kim! Yes, that summer weather a few weeks back really wasn’t good at all in terms of nature being confused. I have it in mind to plant pansies too…one of my favorite flowers that I can keep going, if eventually moved into the shade, well into July. We don’t get ice storms too often–they are actually worse than snow, I think. Hope spring continues nice but normal for us all! Thanks so much for your visit!


    • Thank you, Fergiemoto! Hope you didn’t get snow after all. We’ve had a rainy-sleety-snowy day for the 1st of April…so my poem, though written some years ago, was very much about the present!


  9. Your artwork is so graceful and alive!

    as is your poetry…

    a spring day here. Please do keep that snow.
    I’m picking buds from my Chrysanthemums.
    They generally don’t begin to bud until July…
    and then bloom in late September. No wonder
    they are confused. The weather has me confused!)

    I so much enjoy your creativity!


    • Thank you so much! I think the snow here will be gone by tomorrow as it is supposed to warm up.

      Yes, I guess nature gets confused too…but somehow usually adjust itself.

      I so appreciate your visit and engaging comment!


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