Repost: Summer Moments

This week I am reposting a poem from last summer. One of the reasons is that I have received the edit of my novel from my publisher and am working on the revisions, which hasn’t left time for doing any new writing or painting. (This is also the reason I am behind on your posts. Please forgive my seeming absence over the next few weeks; know that I “am around” although I may not leave comments, or if I do, very brief ones. Your understanding is appreciated.)

The other reason for the repost is that…

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

…for over two years we have had a stray cat visiting us, at times on a daily basis, at least a few times a week. I put dried food and water out in case he came when I wasn’t home or just didn’t see him, and would give him “the good stuff” (as my mom called wet/canned cat food) whenever I realized he was visiting. We eventually named him “Sunny” because, winter and summer (as long as it wasn’t too hot), he loved to nap in the sun, whether in our driveway or flowerbeds or on the woodpiles. Well, we haven’t seen him for almost two weeks (and neither has my neighbor who also fed him) and are beginning to fear that something has happened to him. Last summer he would sleep on the seat in the arbor we have in our garden, mostly in the evening, shaded by an ever-enlarging trumpet vine, and so I wrote the poem below. I offer it again in tribute to this lovely vagabond who would let me touch his nose only, but who touched our hearts with his patience and struggles and gentle spirit. Hopefully, he will turn up again.


Summer Moments

I walk around with my camera
atching the moments
efore I simply let them go;
the choice isn’t mine
hough I like to think it is
o I might yet be
f the creator.

A brave butterfly in mourning coat
arooned in full flight,
potted blue and fading yellow,
osing ragged wings,
s if inviting the chance
f my noticing
ts moment
uickly passing too.

Cone flowers forming tall umbrellas
nder the noon sun,
olding down, pretending homage
o hybrid lilies,
rowded buds swelling into
andy cane colors
o make most
erry in July.

And a straying friend curled beneath
oundless orange trumpets,
is sleepy eyes wondering what
ight yet be taken
s I hold him in my view,
nd every moment
n regret
hat he is not mine.

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.


21 thoughts on “Repost: Summer Moments

  1. I have a very soft spot for cats. I have my Sita…a tabby and have made friends with neighboring cats who come to visit. I marvel how some love you immediately while others remain aloof and skittish. I love them all…bless them. Thanks for a beautiful and sweet tribute to nature…and kitties.


    • Yes, bless the kitties … all the creatures great and small. Sunny still hasn’t turned up, but now there is a young shorthaired white and grey one coming on a regular basis-not very old, and looks like she/he has some Siamese in its breeding. My neighbor thinks she/he was dropped off … I live in the country and it happens all the time. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Gayle!


  2. If this wonderful feline is only half as charming as you have drawn him (her?), I wonder not that you have chosen to repost this wonderful summer celebration of a poem! Bless you for this posting decision today!


  3. “Cone flowers forming tall umbrellas under the noon sun…” From now on I will think of this delightful metaphor every time I see coneflower! Best wishes on your revisions and I do hope your feline friend comes back for a visit soon. One of our old cats came home after being gone for several months – it does make you wonder…


    • Thank you, Barbara, for your lovely heartening and supportive comment! Yes, when I was very young, we had a cat, George Washington, who was gone for almost a year … of course, we’d believed the worse … and then, there he was, walking up to the house … with a rope around his neck and trailing behind him–could see that the end at been knawed at. Hope if Sunny is still alive, he is being treated better than ole George obviously had been …


  4. Don’t worry ’bout us, Diane–praying daily that things go smoothly for your novel. I’m very excited for, and with, you!! God bless you abundantly–love, Caddo


  5. i’ve commented but i believe my comment is in your spam filter thanks to a bug in WP or akisment

    David in Maine USA


  6. This is so beautiful…
    About Sunny: When I had cats, one of them would go missing at times, onc for more than six weeks, then returned, it could very well be that he will come back. But a vagabond will always be a vagabond perhaps…


    • Thank you, Ina! Sunny was absent for almost two weeks last winter (one of the few times it was really cold). And then he turned up! So we won’t give up hope. He is definitely a vagabond! Now we have a young white kitty coming around … has smoky gray on his/her legs and face, and blue eyes.


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