New Book Release: My Novel, A House Near Luccoli

That figure was the 17th Century composer, violinist and singer, Alessandro Stradella (1639 – 1682). My novel, A House Near Luccoli, published by All Things That Matter Press, is set in Genoa, Italy, imagining an unusual intimacy with him as he tries to sustain his career and escape his demons.

It is now available!

In the US, through in Paperback and Kindle Edition 

In the UK, through in Paperback 

(and–in English–through Germany, Italy, France and Austria)

Please note: Kindle editions must be ordered through 

Through Barnes and Noble as a NOOK book

You can read a sample at and request one sent to you from

I offer a small excerpt here … which I post in tribute to a beloved friend who died yesterday, an amazingly talented and bravely spirited singer and musician (mainly Medieval and Renaissance music) who will never be absent from me. My heart goes out to his beautiful wife and sons, and all those who are missing him so much already.

She was caught in a wishful trap, like the first time she had seen him. No, not really the first, for that was from afar and without any intent but to keep him in impossibility. It was when he blew in on scandal and forgiveness, delicate and dynamic, climbing to the top, carrying his fortune, mistaking identities but not character, his heart not skipping a beat so hers found some rhythm again. And from that beginning offered everything and nothing, working and playing, rising and falling, causing concern and relief, making music more important than memories.

from A House Near Luccoli© by DM Denton

If you wish to contact me regarding the novel, please go to my website’s contact page, or email me at

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

15 thoughts on “New Book Release: My Novel, A House Near Luccoli

    • Yes, strange that someone who made such an impact on one’s life is no longer in this world. I feel his presence, though, and hope we will meet again. I am so glad you are enjoying the novel so far … hope it continues to engage you. Thank you, as always, for you support and loving friendship. Diane XO


  1. Congratulations for the publication of your book, Diane..I wish you great success!

    Very sorry for the loss of your friend…your homage to him in your excerpt is beautiful…such talent you possess in so many ways.


  2. Oh, Diane–I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, and add my prayers for his grieving family and friends. Sounds like he was a tremendous gift, musically and otherwise. God bless you–much love, Caddo


    • Thank you, Caddo, for your condolences and prayers. Yes, although he was flawed as we all are, he did have a tremendous gift and the world is a little emptier without it … but heaven is the place for beautiful music and if we are very still we can hear it and be inspired by it. Blessings and ♥, Diane


  3. You play quite an entracing tune here in this excerpt, Diane! Marvelous, most marvelous. I love that “making music more important than memories.” You will put this Stradella on the map, after all!


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