‘Most of us fortunates have at some time and place in our lives ‘entertained angels unawares’–had a few of those moments of unexpected, extraordinary, beautiful contact with persons we didn’t know and understand that there are such agents in the world, even if we can’t immediately recognize them.’ Beautiful message from Kathryn, reminding one that every thought, every word, every touch, every breath is affecting, whether noticeably or not, and so should be used wisely and compassionately, and certainly reach out beyond our own fears and insecurities and whatever else might made us more expectant of the bad than good in the world. (By the way, Kathryn has a beautiful blog of reflections and artwork that represent her very eclectic interests and passions!)

Art-Colored Glasses

photoMost of us are taught from when we’re very small to avoid all contact with strangers. Don’t look them in the eye; don’t make friendly overtures, don’t speak to them, and don’t go running up and hugging random unknown characters. Above all, don’t accept the offer of candy or other lures from those who might turn out to be very lurid indeed.

All of that is mighty wise advice for little persons. They have no experience of the world, no basis for comparison or judgement, and no inner criteria to help them have a good chance of accurately assessing the situation. But when are we Big enough to learn that unfamiliar people are not only not all bad and dangerous but possibly in great need of any gracious and friendly contact they can possibly be given? When are we smart and experienced enough to realize that others around us are…

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