This post by countingducks so resonated with me and urged me to share – as it speaks to how insignificance can be most significant, how we can truly and generously affect the world in gentle and kind ways, by being pure in heart and spirit. This is not idealism, but real possibility. I hope you will take the time to read and explore more of countingducks’ blog.


I did not know her well. In fact I only met her once. Already immobile and living in a chair. That was about a year ago. Her husband had that patient nurturing quality which is always so impressive to me . “Its her turn to be looked after now” he said, and it was clear that he had to do everything for her:  cooking cleaning, moving her in and out of bed, bathing and anything else you could think of. He was proud to do it. He treasured her time with him. It wasn’t  more complicated than that.

Now she’s gone. She died this weekend and here we were, in the evening, sitting with a few of the relatives and people who knew him. He sat there just the same. Gentle, unassuming and with no sense of drama in his bearing. Losing her was the work of fate and he…

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