When I came upon this delightful and profound offering of Rachael’s at ‘frommymusing2u’ I knew it was time for a reblog! I love its fairytale-ishness – such a perfectly charming and meaningful way to bring in a new year. Enjoy and please read more on Rachael’s blog while you’re over there. Thank you! ♥




“Oh dear,” Said the water to the wind. “You give me the vapors!”

“I am your friend.” The wind replied. “With me you’ll soar into the sky.”

“I don’t like heights.” Said the tiny droplet, trembling.

“Oh my little droplet,” The wind then did proclaim.

“You’ve run as streams and rivers, sparkled in the day. 

You’ve nurtured many things. Do not be afraid.”


I watched with great amazement as the wind then took to air

And raised the tiny droplet with the utmost care.

They rose in rippling wonder, a mirage before my eyes

So far into the yonder, then what to my surprise…


The tiny little droplet danced freely in the air

Became a wisp of cloud, none other could compare.

 It grew in height and stature, floating way up in the sky

 Then began to fall as gently as it first had climbed.


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