Thank you Ina for this lovely review! Every reader that I reach in a positive way is another blessing for me.


The historic novel “ A House Near Luccoli “ by Diane M Denton invites us to be witness of the last days in the life of the composer Alessandro Stradella, who really lived in the 17th century. Diane vividly describes how the fictive Donatella plays an important part in those last moments. The story, romantic and entertaining, historical and interesting, is not only a fantastic way to learn more about Stradella, or Italy in the 17th century, but also a great novel, making you want to know what happens next to Donatella. Diane also did the image of the cover herself, she is a very gifted painter also! I kindly recommend her book:

The book on

a house near luccoli

Diane is not only a terrific writer of prose and artist, she also does wonderful poetry.

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  1. It’s so pleasing to see how many others admire your work apart from myself. I know Ina’s Blog. She is an outstanding poet in my opinion, and especially qualified to appreciate good work when she sees it. It could’nt be more authoratively recommended for me


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