Repost: A Friend Indeed

I have been considering reposting this one for a while, but thought the snowy painting was past its season. Until yesterday – the snow has returned in depth!

A Friend Indeed

O, the wild constancy
of the brave chickadee
simply changing his tune
like the man in the moon
for the tilt of the sky
as the seasons pass by.

Fitting a snug black cap
feathers all in a flap
it would seem for bad news
like everything to lose
with a cat prowling low
and the winds biting so.

But let’s have no real grief
bother this welcome thief
who’s scolding and chuckling
while squirrels are ducking
aerobatics for need
not insatiable greed.

Taking one sweet kernel
to task with a gurgle
pounding out on a limb
for cracking it open
and easy digestion
enjoyed without question.

I hold out my warm hand
in wonder not command
indeed only hoping
my offer he’s scoping
instead berries so bright
seeming more a delight.

Ah, then he’s looking back
at what I do not lack
listening for his voice
and smiling for his choice
so the touch of his trust
makes our friendship a must.

I have a precious little bird book from 1909 that includes the following description of the Black-Capped Chickadee (native to the Eastern US):

‘The Chickadees are one of the most popular birds that we have, owing to their uniform good nature even in the coldest weather, and their confiding disposition.’

What a lovely characterization of this sociable songbird!

A glimpse of my home, a log cabin, in the snow

A glimpse of my home (log cabin) in the snow

©Artwork, writing and photography unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Repost: A Friend Indeed

  1. This is beautiful, Diane! Such a charming and lovely bird. We have chickadees here and I sure enjoy them. They have such a pleasant disposition and never seem to get into any conflicts even when they are being chased away from feeders by other types of birds. The chickadees just wait until the feeders are free.


    • Thank you again! Yes, chickadees are the most companionable of birds, I think. I love to hear them flapping around me when I’m filling the feeders. And you’re right about how they avoid conflict, just exhibit patience and persistence to get what they need.


  2. I couldn’t agree more about chickadees possessing a “uniform good nature” and a “confiding disposition.” My husband and I were walking on a trail in the Cape Cod National Seashore one May day several years ago, when a chickadee landed on a branch not more than a foot away from my face. It started “talking” to me and I was completely enchanted. I offered it a perch on my finger and although it seemed to be considering the invitation, it decided to stay where it was for a little while longer. It was the closest I ever got to one!

    Love your poem! It looks like your cabin got buried under a thick blanket of snow! Hope you’re snug and warm inside, with all those friendly trees surrounding you. Must have been part of the same storm we’re still digging out from, four days later. What a winter!


    • Hi, Barbara. I love your story about the chickadee. When they are around you really feel you are in the company of special little BIG spirits! I love when they flap around my head as I’m filling the feeders.

      I think we were let off from the worst of that snowstorm – only about 6 inches of snow or so. And fortunately (due to certain employment – or unemployment – circumstances) I was able to just appreciate the beauty of it all from inside a warm house. Hope you’re pretty much back to normal now, and that there are no more weather surprises on the way.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. XO ♥


  3. Diane this is really beautiful! And as others have said the rhyming is delightful. And your painting, as ever, an absolute treasure.

    Your snow covered home and grounds look idyllic! What a peaceful place to live, just the kind of place you would imagine an author sitting and writing a novel 😊

    Lots of love

    Christine xxxx


    • Hi, Christine. Thank you so much, as always, for your lovely comment and encouragement.

      Yes, I have the perfect place for being a writer; I am very blessed in that regret. Now just to figure out a few other things. But, really, I am very grateful, and all the rest will follow.

      It is much warmer today and the snow is disappearing, lots of water everywhere. Love ya! XO


  4. Lovely poem, I like the rhyme too. It must be so nice to be where you are now, with all those creatures 🙂 I hope your cats stay indoors while the birds come to eat 🙂 Stay warm ! big hugs xx


    • Hi, Ina. Thanks so much. Yes, I am very lucky to live surrounded by the beauty of nature! My boys are all indoor kitties, so they can look but not touch! It is mild today and the snow is melting away fast. Love and hugs, Diane XO


  5. What an adorable little friend, Diane, and a most charming tale of a day spent with him…there are so many great lines here, I can’t begin to name and along with your wonderful artwork, this is beautiful! Much love and hugs to you! xo


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