A Friendship with Flowers (New Publication)

I have a new publication

incorporating poetic musings

and flower illustrations.

Cover Front Only Image

This journal was originally created by hand while I was living in Oxfordshire, England in the 1980’s, during the year or so after my father suddenly passed away. I spent a month in the States with my mom, and came back to a time that proved more difficult than I expected.

One of the things that helped was the TV series “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady” (also an exquisite book) that was airing on the BBC . I unashamedly admit that it inspired my undertaking of this work.

The book was done with gratefulness for the flowers that graced and healed me with their beauty, wisdom, and playfulness.

At this time, it is available through lulu.com,
where you can also see a preview.

The Original Journal

The Original Journal

I hope that it will bring a few others the soothing joy it offered me while making it once … and then again.

A special thank you to my mom and D. Bennison for continuing to encourage me to get this done!

Blessings to you all. 

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