Repost: Wrestling with Love

Originally posted November 2011 (Just haven’t had time to come up with anything new … but hope you enjoy whether you have seen this one before or not.)

Wrestling with Love
The rug was a rink
in front of the fire,
its design hooked
in roses
and thorns;
ach to a corner
fringed on desire,
hearts ready to fight
in poses
and throws.
The match was a show
of how they did play,
rolling and rolling
then pausing
to part;
ack to their places
rules to obey,
one not the other
the pact.
A blow from behind
turns trust on its head,
perverting the game
to cheating
for fun;
forgiveness is hard
her faith all but dead,
hope losing hope of
its fate.
Time is the stealer
of heartaches to face,
prospects laid to dust
in roses
and thorns;
more and less fondness
alive in each case,
the show going on
that closes
this thought.

Copyright 2011 by DM Denton

Writing note: This poem was inspired by two cats I brought from England in 1990. They were a year apart and cousins. They are, of course, long gone…but, equally of course, not forgotten. The younger gray one, Sophie, was very carefree as a kitten but grew into a self-centered even schizophrenic creature (she never forgave me for putting her on a plane). On the other hand, Heidi, the black and white one, was the loveliest most balanced spirit I’ve ever known, a soulmate for sure, my best friend and protector through difficult times (no doubt the trip from England to the US was traumatic for her too, but when she looked around her new home and saw my mom and me that was all she needed–home was truly where her heart was!). 

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.


24 thoughts on “Repost: Wrestling with Love

  1. Simply perfect! Two of my girls are sisters, Mork and Mindy – a tabby and a black and white cat. From the same litter but such different temperaments, just like yours.


  2. What I like best about this poem is its craft, Diane. The meter and rhyme match perfectly with the complex emotions of bundled up, with fur and shining catseyes, into these lines:
    Time is the stealer
    of heartaches to face,
    prospects laid to dust
    in roses
    and thorns;
    Your English cats are still here, aren’t they?


    • Thank you so much, Thomas. It is one of my favorites – I wish these kind of poems came to me more often!

      Unfortunately these dear kitties are long passed. I brought them from England to the US in 1990 when they were three and two years old. One lived to be about 14, the other, 17. It is almost ten years since I lost my soul-mate kitty, Heidi (the black & white one). The gray one, Sophie, verged on schizophrenic! 🙂


  3. Diane,

    I love the kinetic design of this poem. It has the effect of a gyre
    and pulls the reader into its midst. The painting shows the personalities
    of the cats so well. The poem shows the turns life takes and leaves me
    feeling them.

    You’re a true maestro with both pen and brush.



  4. The lovely poem and sweet painting are new to me – “more or less fondness” – makes me think of my newly adopted cats… One seems happy to be here in her new home, the other seems traumatized… I was hoping to see them play together, as yours did in the poem…


    • Hi, Barbara – please forgive my delay in replying to your lovely comment. I am glad this poem and painting was something you could enjoy for the first time. Cats are so different in how they adapt to moves, new cats, new people … I have five and they all have their unique, sometimes amusing, sometimes frustrating, but always forgivable ways. Just be patient – you may see them playing together yet. I have two right now – Oscar is new and Blake, the one we had first, was snubbing Oscar for a while. Now, even as I write this, they are playing hide n’ seek together (Blake has realized Oscar is just too much fun not to have)! I’ve always found that cats have to do things in the own way and timeframe. So glad you have given you new kitties a lovely home. XO


  5. Hi Diane, I think I have read it before, and it is still lovely. Cats are wonderful 🙂 I hope the cats you have now are as good companions together. I love your cats 🙂 and your friendship ♥


  6. Oh Diane, this is just gorgeous!

    I remember it! It was three months into my WP journey!

    I can just see them through your wonderful words, cavorting on the rug.

    And this picture of them is an absolute delight. Oh what utter joy they bring. And so do you! ❤ Xx


    • Thank you so much, Christine – I thought you may have seen it. Between writing on the sequel (well, trying to), preparing for the library event and upcoming interview, while still looking for a ‘day’ job – I just haven’t been able to relax enough to write new poetry.

      These little wrestling matches used to happen almost every evening! It will definitely be going into my cat book – that is yet just a twinkle in my imagination!

      So lovely to share with you in all ways possible, dear friend! XO ♥


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