Announcing A Birthday and Book Fair

Happy Birthday

Alessandro Stradella

extraordinary Baroque Composer

born April 3, 1639


Before her was a gracious creature, especially his hands composing in mid-air and eyes shifting slowly in observation and expression. His hair was an admission of the recklessness that got him in trouble, the vagrancy of his genius making him too accessible. Without music’s influence he might not wander like a prince among his subjects, although who could think that was all there was to him?
From A House Near Luccoli by DM Denton

Here are some more upcoming dates to note:

April 12 -15


My novel, A House Near Luccoli, published by All Things That Matter Press, will have ‘a table’ there. At this time 36 novelists have signed up to participate!

Cover Artwork by DM DentonCopyright 2012

This book fair is graciously hosted by Francine Howarth at Romancing the Blog and is for authors and readers who ‘love stepping back in time’.  I encourage you to ‘attend’ between April 12th and 15th to tour the blogs of its participants.

If you are an author who would like to sign up, you can still do so on Francine’s blog.

You can be sure that I will be reminding everyone about this virtual book fair nearer the time. And watch this space for the winner – from among those who submitted excellent questions for my upcoming interview with Unusual Historicals – of a kindle or NOOK Book edition of my novel!

For now, let the celebrations begin!

“In the bay there was no limit to Genovese showing off, shared with every curious civilian like the sunset painting a backdrop to the parade shaping the porto out as far as the Lanterna and back to where most … weren’t welcomed aboard the hall of barges. The construction was at first as impressive as its company in silk and ornaments and flowers, soon too warm for fashionable wigs and not seaworthy for heels and top heavy trestles of food. Large layered skirts concealed the spread of feet, made-up faces masked any nausea while gloves refined the drinking and fanning that could have been seen as coarse and flirtatious. So it wasn’t just the floating hall that swayed the signori familiarly close to the belle signore they did and didn’t apologize to.

“The flat boats rocked, the guests wouldn’t be seated, and everyone and everything sweated. For one reason and another, the servers were frustrated and most attentive to swarms of flies landing on the festa. It was a ridiculous evening.

Then my musica began. A mixture of harmonious voices, poetry and fine instrumentalists,” Signor Stradella read from his palms, “a signor importante wrote.”

From A House Near Luccoli by DM Denton

donatellasmallest©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Announcing A Birthday and Book Fair

  1. A belated Happy Birthday to Alessandro, too, and I would love to know how the fair went for you…I’m running behind on reading, so sorry I’m a little late here, but sending you lots of hugs, my friend! xoxo


    • The Book Fair is actually going to be online, Lauren, and runs from this coming Friday 4/12 through Monday 4/15. I will be posting a reminder and the link that will take you to all the participating author links if you are inclined to take a little tour of their blogs and see what they have published. Love and hugs. XO ♥


  2. A belated Happy Birthday to Alessandro Stradella! I feel I know him from reading your book and can imagine the spectacle and splendor of his birthday party. 🙂 Looking forward to visiting your ‘table’ at the book fair…


  3. Happy Birthday to Alessandro!!

    Yes, please do remind us of the book fair. I am just listening to the terrific music while I type; its quite lovely.

    I am sure your table will do very well!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤ xx


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