Foxed mirrors

I found this online: ‘Foxed glass refers to the worn, antiqued look that
you find either due to aging of a glass object or even created intentionally to emanate that vintage look. Foxed glass mirrors may not serve their usual practical purpose of reflecting a clear image, but instead reflect an air of antique romance.’
And so this lyrically detailed and poignant reflection from ‘A’ is entitled …


9 thoughts on “Foxed mirrors

  1. This is fabulous! I wondered where Becoming Herself had gone, if anywhere, blogwise. I am following her blog now so thanks Diane, for finding and sharing this piece.

    Although she has stayed in touch with me, for which I feel very grateful and quite humbled, as she is such a good writer. Every now and again she emails me to tell me how much she enjoyed a particular poem of mine. I was taken totally by surprise when I first received an email and now she is in touch regularly. But under her own name of course, and she never mentioned the latest blog “And if you ask…”.!

    Lots of Love xxxx ❤ xxxx


    • So very glad I directed you to BH’s new blog, Christine. Her writing just transports me into some deeper part of myself, even though it is often very personal to her. I know that you are among her favorite blogging poets, and I second that motion! (Hmmm…can you tell I’ve been spending a lot of time doing minutes for board meetings? 🙂 )

      Blessings! Love and hugs, Diane XXXOOO


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