A Friendship with Forsythia

Forsythia Flower Page 14 with border

The forsythia flower


the weather,

slowly forms

to come forth


as well seen


as near.


The above image is a sample page from
my recently released
A Friendship with Flowers.

Cover Front Only ImageIn the US, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th. This book of my reflections and illustrations on flowers could be an everlasting bouquet to give to your mother, wife, sister, daughter, girl friend, or any woman who is special in your life.

It would make a perfect gift for any occasion for anyone who appreciates the beauty, wisdom and playfulness of flowers!

It is now available at amazon.com with free shipping.  You can also preview more pages there. It can also be purchased and previewed at lulu.com.

Five Star Review by D. Bennison of Bennison Books:

A beautiful book April 22, 2013
In A Friendship with Flowers, the gifted American author and artist Diane Denton invites us to share a healing journey she took when the flowers that surrounded her in a very English part of England gave her solace, hope and inspiration.

This beautifully produced book will not be left on a bookshelf for long; and as if the exquisite paintings (you’ll never look at a dandelion in the same way again) are not more than enough in themselves, the author also includes her unique commentary on the natural world as she studies and interacts with it while coming to terms with an unspecified experience in her life.

This combination of artwork and poetic observation, that is both personal and universal, creates a unique alchemy that calms and comforts while still leaving open the essential mystery of the natural world and our place in it. Sometimes, the author seems to suggest, it’s OK for there to be no answers; there may be no pat solutions, but there are insights and realisations, looking back to move forward (This holy rose/is another reminder/of the summer past/and yet/to come…), and new ways of seeing things (I found the snow didn’t drop/from above/but sprung from below/to cover the ground…).

The illustrations and the accompanying poetry, which is controlled, understated and pared back, combine to create a companion book that will reveal a little more each time you dip into it; you will feel (to borrow the author’s words): here’s a friend/I just got to know — /suddenly,/by the roadside,/as I was going/nowhere.

This book also includes a detailed glossary listing all the flowers shown in the beautiful illustrations throughout the book. This glossary includes the everyday and Latin name of each flower plus brief information about its habitat and the time of year that you’ll be able to spot it (easily recognisable in real life from the painstaking accuracy of the artist’s depiction).

Here is a photo of one of the forsythia bushes in my yard, taken just this morning, a glorious spring day!


donatellasmallest©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “A Friendship with Forsythia

  1. What a wonderful, beautiful, healthy and therapeutic friendship it is…with flowers. Such a wonderful poem, Diane! I can’t imagine having flowers and the friendship flowers, absent from my life.
    Congratulations on the new book!


    • Yes, flowers … and all things of nature, of course … are always so balancing … and certainly encourage a gratefulness that keeps the spirits up! I love your blog because it offers such a wealth of the simple but important things – it ALWAYS brightens my life!

      Thank you for your best wishes! XO


  2. Diane, forgive me for being so scarce here. I just love this poem and the forsythia painting – so delicately captured! There is something very special about the forsythia and it’s first “sunshine” signaling springtime.
    Also, congratulations on your latest book! Wish I had your full collection – you are truly gifted on many levels!


    • Hi, Betty! And PLEASE, don’t worry … I totally understand and have been so absent, myself, from other blogs, including yours. I so enjoy your poetry! Thank you for your appreciation and best wishes! XO ♥


  3. Diane, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve been here. I bought A House Near Luccoli for Ethel for Christmas, and I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed reading it. With another book out you’re making progress at an unbelievable rate. Congratulations.
    Your flower paintings and flower poems are always a song that dances upon a meadow’s breezes into the spirit. They wrap you up into sunshine and allow you to enliven all of our days with blooms.


    • Oh, Thomas, it is so nice to see you here! And thank you so much for buying my novel. I am so thrilled that you and Ethel enjoyed it, as you are both such wonderful writers and artists, and sublime spirits. Perhaps either or both of you would consider writing a review of it at some point when you have the time.

      My apologies for being absent from your blog – it has been really hard to keep up with everything, but I will return soon. I know I have been missing so much nourishment for my heart and soul and mind.

      I hope you and Ethel and your beautiful family are well – I know you had health problems and I pray you are doing ok.

      Thank you for your best wishes and beautiful words about my work. It made my day! Love to you both. XO


  4. I love Forthysia bushes. We had several in the garden when I was growing up in France and they flowered at around Easter time. For me they represent the start of spring.


  5. Hi Diane, such a lovely posting again! 🙂 And what a great Forsythia!

    I love the book and I often go through the pages, the beautiful images always make me happy. xx


    • Hi, Ina, and thank you. The forsythia bush is right outside my bedroom window, where I work. It is like the sun just behind my right shoulder!

      I am so glad the flower book continues to give you pleasure! XO


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