Tears and Sun – Repost (with something new)

I am reposting this poem and illustration – adding a painting of my mom’s, which I had never seen before last night. It is so very different from mine; I even think it fits my poem better.

And before the month is out, I just had to post something from June!

Yellow RoseFind me a yellow rose
In bud and blossom
and withering too;
Give me its thorny prose
needing tears and sun
with nothing to do.

Leave me its secret blush
hiding love and loss
and dried up hope;
Compare me to its hush
speaking true and false
with a heart to cope.

There in the garden
to live without picking;
red rose to pardon
that drinks without sipping.

Vase and Yellow Roses by June resized

Copyright 2013 by Diane’s mom, June

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

15 thoughts on “Tears and Sun – Repost (with something new)

  1. I remember this poem so well Diane!i I remember saying back then how yellow roses are my favourites. There is so much said about red ones and they are adored, but not by me Im afraid. I think it goes back to my mum and her dislike of red and white together as she said they were too funereal. I love white flowers but anything red I just cant do with! Maybe I will change; stranger things have happened!

    And the two paintings are fabulous! Yes, both very different but gorgeous. And what a lovely send off to the month of June! Please tell your mum how much I love hers too . . ❤ Lots of love and blessings in abundance for you and your mum xxxx❤


    • It is always so amazing how many things we have in common, Christine … I have ALWAYS loved yellow roses – then I have always gravitated towards the ‘underdog’. Or maybe it is because yellow roses signify love in friendship, and somehow that is always the best kind! I am not a big lover of red … rarely wear it, and if I do it is of more a maroon than fire tone. Although, in nature, it can provide such a contrast. Then nature always knows how to put colors together.

      Now I’m rambling! I told my mom how much you love her painting – this is one she definitely was trying to hide. And there are a few more that I will be posting over the summer.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Love and blessings in abundance for you and yours, too. (Has that new gran-baby arrived yet?) XO ♥


  2. Hi Diane,
    this is so lovely 🙂
    You always know how ro reveal the beauty of flowers so well. This is iinteresting to compare, your mother’s style and yours, and how they both fit the poem.
    Maybe there are some other paintings of your mother that you have never seen, please show another one if you find more, it will be a delight to make its aquaintance! 🙂 ♥ xx


    • Hi, Ina! Thank you – flowers are to me like the sea is to you, I think. A source of infinite inspiration. And, yes, it is interesting to see the difference in my mother’s style and mine. I have always envied her freer styler – but I know she is self-conscious and very critical of her artwork … which is why I have to go hunting for much of it. I’ll see what else I can find … 🙂 XO ♥


  3. Oh, Diane, this is a perfect June poem and truly perfect for any month! Your art work is delicate and breathtaking, as always, and your Mom’s painting is just lovely. What a wonderful gift to have found her painting, too. Much love to you! xo


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