Still in Time

Wait a moment.

You can’t possibly pass by

the Linden

that’s more commonly Lime,

both near and faraway

up, up into the sky


even as we sigh.


Linden Branch with Bees

Copyright 2013 by DM Denton

When you come upon it

still in time

it fills your ears

with honeying bees

loving it best

of all the trees,

not the only ones

with their minds so full

of its lasting perfume.

Today is my 60th birthday and I thought this rather formless poem captured my reflection on reaching this milestone which is, after all, just another day to be ‘still in time.’

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.”
―    Dalai Lama

Also, it is just a few days past the 2nd anniversary of my blog, and I must thank all of you who have visited me here, many who have become dear friends and in-spirators in art and writing and just living from the heart and spirit. Blessings to you all and I hope the connections I have made will last a long long time!

donatellasmallest©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

24 thoughts on “Still in Time

  1. A belated Happy Birthday! Congratulations on two years of blogging. Neither of my blogs reach the two years for several more months! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by one of the blogs and I am glad you enjoyed visiting me here in France. The other blog is mostly poetry, perhaps I shall see you there one day…


  2. First of all, Happy 60th Birthday!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day!!!
    And secondly – I love the poem, and the beautiful painting.
    It’s good to be on your blog again – I’ve missed you, and glad we’re both back to posting. 🙂


  3. Beloved friend, I wish you a belated but deeply heartfelt happy birthday, and as many more as you can possibly have! Clearly the 6th is a blessed day!! We celebrated your day–and ours–with a group of dear grad students, segueing into the birthday of one of the group as the clock ticked into the early hours of today. So lovely. And of course, you and I started blogging within days of each other. Can you say, Synchronicity?? 🙂 May you continue to be a creative inspiration and a joyful documenter and colorer of this marvelous word of ours for a long, long time!

    Oh, yes–and, what a beautiful poem and artwork you’ve given us again today! Hooray!


    • Oh, Kathryn, thank you for your lovely comment – you wishes have blessed my new decade! Sounds like your celebrated your special day beautifully. I didn’t realize we started blogging so nearly at the same time … there are no coincidences.

      I have more catching up to do on your blog -just started today. There is always so much for the eye, bountifuls of food for thought, and just endless offerings of your love for life. I’ll be back! Blessings and happy anniversary! XO ♥


  4. im pleased you had a lovely birthday time. I like to think they last more than a day. 🙂

    This poem is so soothing. And I simply love the little bee who is oblivious to everything but his or her own delving deep into the heart of the flower.

    How privileged you are, sharing your special day with The Dalai Lama! “Today is the right day…” Beautiful quote.

    Happy birthday once more.

    I will have been blogging two years next month! It seems there are a few of us who began around the same time. And how our friendship has blossomed and flourished. i am blessed to have you in my life! I really am. Much love and a shower of blessings ❤ xxx


    • Thank you, Christine. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. It is so sad and scary that bees are dwindling. They are so important to our lives here on earth. The last place I lived in England had lime trees just outside and the scent of their flowers and the sound of the bees was so lovely in early summer.

      Yes, it is lovely to share a birth DAY with the Dalai Lama … and someone as talented as the artist, Frida Kahlo … but there are some others like George Bush and Sylvester Stalone and Nancy Reagan who I feel much less of an affinity with. Though Geoffrey Rush is a pretty cool ‘share’, too!

      Yes, there are a few of us who have really and deeply connected that started blogging around the same time. Well, there are no coincidences! It is said that certain groups of soul-mates meet at specific times in their soul’s journey and I believe through instinct and experience that that is true.

      I feel like we sit down and talk over tea and biscuits most days! You are such a blessings to me and many others – like the bees you are very precious to the world! XO ♥


    • Thank you, Peter, for your kind wishes and words. I am so glad to have connected with you – your stories, your writing, your spirit have added so much to my experience of blogging and life. Blessings.


  5. A blessed and Happy Birthday to you, Diane! I was just thinking of you yesterday, so I’m glad to get here for the party–oh, and also Happy Anniversary of the blog!! My fave phrase is the title, and the preceding words, “When you come upon it, still in time”–I can’t seem to find the words to describe it, but it’s full of all the thought-senses that we poets know. Wisdom, reverence, beauty…. God bless you today.


    • Thank you, Bennetta! I love your comment ‘full of the thought-senses that we poets know …’ Hopefully we reach out to poets who have yet to discover they are! I am so glad you were able to make the ‘party’ … although it was a quiet affair … but delicious with shrimp pasta and blackberry pie shared with mom … ok, a little whip cream with my kitties! Blessings. XO ♥


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