A Meeting Like Stardust

From A Friendship with Flowers by DM Denton 2013 ©

From A Friendship with Flowers by DM Denton © 2013


Do you know what it’s like

to come face to face

with someone

who has been where

you’ve been?

It’s like stardust

that makes everything

imagined real.

The past steps forward,

a stranger

who is not a stranger,

but the only friend

you’ve ever had.

If the world could disappear

it would be perfect.


Do you know what it’s like

to hear a voice

that says

what it doesn’t speak,

and feel a hand

that barely touches

but holds you close

to immortality?

This is very old (1994) and very personal – less of a poem than a rambling, but it was written from my heart that still feels it to this day.

donatellasmallest©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to
bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

32 thoughts on “A Meeting Like Stardust

  1. Oh Diane, this is so much more than a rambling; its the most beautiful poem, so powerful in its simplicity. I love the second stanza “the past…a stranger who is not a stranger…” and the exquisite illustration with its accompanying verse speaks volumes on its own, but then melds perfectly with the poem. ❤ Xxx


    • Thank you, Christine – I was really hesitant about sharing it. The words came out of the experience as it happened for me … I had written something in a story (one of those in ‘safe’ storage in my closet), and then years later it happened. It really got me thinking that imagination and memory (i.e. past life memory) might be the same thing … XO ♥


      • Yes Diane, I think so, very possibly. This sort of hing makes me wonder about what we just dont know, feelings and situations, experiences etc that seem impossible but are real. And if we dare to say it to aomeone will they think we’re crazy! Im not sure Im making any sense here! Maybe Im putting in a very clumsy way the thinking of Deepak Chopra regarding synchro-destiny. ❤ Xx


  2. Hi Diane,

    what a wonderful poem 🙂 this really came to me as something I know, that one time feeling 🙂 The experience when you find the one who makes the difference. ♥


    • Thank you, Ina. I am so glad the poem resonated with you … I have a small journal full of these ‘poems’/reflections … but have never shared them. It’s amazing how such a meeting can change everything without seeming to change anything … XO ♥


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