Win an E-Book Copy of A House Near Luccoli

A Novel of Musical Intimacy & Intrigue in 17th century Genoa

A novel of musical intrigue & intimacy in 17th century Genoa

I wanted to give my blog followers and visitors a chance to win a KINDLE or NOOK Book copy of my literary Historical Fiction, A House Near Luccoli.

All you have to do is LIKE the Facebook Page and you will be entered into a drawing. If the page reaches the next milestone of 250 LIKES, there will be two lucky winners!

If you already have a copy of the novel – and with the Holiday Season fast approaching – remember Kindle and NOOK Books may be given as gifts.

Thanks in advance and GOOD LUCK!

And thank you to those who have already supported me in this way – and a friendly reminder that if you have read the novel and haven’t written a review for it, I would really appreciate if you could post one on Amazon, Goodreads (if you are a member), and at Reviews really help a book’s exposure.

Old View of Genoa, where A House Near Luccoli takes place.

Old View of Genoa, where A House Near Luccoli takes place.

Happy Halloween!

Copyright 2012 by Diane's Mom, June

Copyright 2012 by Diane’s Mom, June

6 thoughts on “Win an E-Book Copy of A House Near Luccoli

    • Thank you so much, Peter! I will be doing the drawing before too long. Good luck and hope all is going well with your book publishing. Am really far behind on blog visiting, but hope to be visiting yours again in the next few days. All the best.


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed for an ebook! Its much easier for me to handle a kindle than a book now.

    I may try writing a review! Bear with me though, I will be meandering way beyond my comfort zone but I would like to write one ❤

    And your mum’s painting is just gorgeous with all the warm cosy colours of autumn. You are both two extremely talented women ❤

    Lots of love and hugs


    • You MUST have a kindle copy, Christine (I sent you a message on FB).

      And I would SO LOVE for you to write a review!

      Thank you for all your support. And that is a lovely autumn painting by my mom – it was done on a tile and is part of our fall indoor decorations.

      Love and hugs, Diane ♥


  2. Hi Diane,

    It occurred to me after reading your post that I hadn’t written the Amazon review, yet, so it is now complete and again, I apologize! Can you forgive me? My intentions are there and then I get sidetracked with life, as I know we all do…anyway, I hope your book is doing well and my journey has just begun, but as you know, it’s very exciting…your Mom’s painting is beautiful, too, and puts me even more into the spirit of this fall season. Many hugs, Lauren xo


    • Oh, Lauren, there is nothing to forgive! I so appreciate your adding a lovely review to amazon. I could only express appreciation for you taking the time to read the novel and offer your thoughtful feedback to me and others!

      In terms of publication and sales, I often remind myself of something a dear writer/editor friend told me: to appreciate every reader who appreciates my writing. I know that, in looking back, I never thought I would get my writing out there and for that I am so grateful.

      Thank you for all your support and can’t wait to receive your book. I am so glad that you took the plunge, and sounds like you are off to a great start! Happy November! Love and hugs, Diane ♥


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