Feline Understanding

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

Where is it? I asked,
that gift I gave you,
perfect for your imagination
and paws to throw around.

For days it’s been missed,
not missing;
your eyes playing with
my questioning
like fate
hiding what it has in store.

But, really.
Do you understand what I’m asking?

It seems so, when
you deliver
all that I wish for,
laid at my feet—
as instinctively
knowing to leave me to
my wonder
and that it’s time to
take a nap.


Thought it was time for something a little lighter, based on a special Oscar-kitty moment that happened just the other day. Cats never cease to amaze me!

You might notice that I’ve made some changes to my blog – well, I’ve added some tabs and sub ‘tabs’ to the menu at the top, including pages about my novel, A House Near Luccoli and reviews that kind readers have written for it. I’ve added a page for the sequel, which is still being written but nearing the finish-line, where you will find a little excerpt. There’s a page for my illustrated flower book and another for my recently published Kindle short stories. And one devoted to reviews I have done for the novels and poetry anthologies of other writers.

As a reminder: reviews are always very helpful in promoting an author’s work, which holds true for shorter works and poetry, as well as novels. I am very willing to return the favor.

Hope you enjoy looking around. Have a wonderful week everyone! Blessings. Peace.

donatellasmallest©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

25 thoughts on “Feline Understanding

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  2. Cats never cease to amaze me, either! Love your picture of Oscar – what a handsome and wise-looking fellow. And your poem – I think my Zoë answers my questions, too. We have a little chat each night on my bed – it feels a lot like a little slumber party. 🙂 (I’m eagerly awaiting the chance to read about what happens to Donatella in the sequel!)


    • Hi, Francina, and thank you! The painting is of Oscar, our latest – we’ve had him for over a year. He was abandoned (can you believe it – such a beautiful cat?) and came to our door. He knew where he would be loved forever! Love and hugs!


  3. We don’t have cats anymore, Diane, just dogs, although we have often had cats over the years. The poem is, of course, delightful. The drawing is as clever as a cat’s eyes when it is ignoring you by manipulating what you ought to be up to inside its universe.


    • Hi, Tom, and thank you! Yes, cats truly do see us as part of their universe – we’re just fooling ourselves if we think it’s the other way around. That’s ok – their ‘version’ is just fine. Thanks for your visit and comment. Hope you and Ethel are well and keeping warm.


      • Pretty cold here. We went for a walk this morning into Potowatomi State Park, a little less than a mile from our house. There was no wind, so we managed to survive the 7 degree cold. The woods were beautiful.


  4. I love how your blog is flourishing Diane, a nurturing home for all your talents. Cats are wonderful to observe and lovely company. Big hugs for you. Xxxx


  5. My cat had several of those little furry mice and they would go missing regularly…I looked and looked. She was so good at batting them under things… 🙂 Well, I’m just getting back into the swing of things with writing again…feels good…and it looks nice over here too. Very organized. Love your cat poem…I’m a kitty person…and I always enjoy your artwork too…as you know. xoxo


    • Hi, Gayle! Lovely to see you here. Yes, it’s amazing how these little ‘playthings’ go missing and then all of a sudden turn up. Sometimes they’ll bring out a whole bunch of toys they’ve been hiding, and put them in a pile! I love all animals, but somehow kitties are the best pets for me. They are the loves of my life! Blessings. XO ♥


  6. This is so delightful, Diane…your poem and artwork! You know I don’t have a cat, but I can surely imagine all the smiles and love they bring just as dogs do…and I love your new blog renovations, too! Much love and many hugs! ♥ xoxo


    • Thank you so much, Lauren! Yes, whether cats or dogs, these friends are so constant and inspiring, not only to write poetry but also to live in the moment and love unconditionally. Lots of love and hugs coming your way! ♥


  7. Ah Diane, this is adorable, all of it! The illustration, poem, story about Oscar delivering the mouse at your shoes then taking a nap!

    Your blog is flourishing! All this published work since I got to know you! I am so looking forward to the sequel, but I think you may already know this! Lol

    Lots of love and big hugs. ❤ Xxx


    • Thank you, Christine! So glad you enjoyed – must say that your Jack poems helped to inspire the writing of it. When this special Oscar moment happened, I knew I had to record it somehow.

      I am on the last chapter of the sequel (even with a bad headache which finally went away today) – it will be strange to finally conclude “Donatella’s story.”

      Thank you for all your encouragement. So much love coming right back at ya! XO ♥


  8. Great updates, Diane! I am trying to get my ‘house’ a little closer to shipshape, too, but am far behind you, not least of all because I’m behind you in publishing and such other grown-up pursuits, but your inspirations are not for naught! Thanks for always blazing the trails for me!!!

    And I love this latest Oscar episode. Cats are so clever and subtle and yet also easily anthropomorphized when they do such humanly silly and dramatic things at times! Not least of all does this Kat imagine affinities with creatures so fond of sleeping all the livelong day. 😀 << (Cue Cheshire grin.)



    • Thank you, Kathryn! Well, I feel I have come very late to the publishing thing (was 58 when my first publication happened) and so you are not really behind … in fact, one of the things I try to remind myself, is that it all (whatever that is) happens for each of us in the time and at the pace it is meant. I’ve been seriously writing since I was 10 or even younger, and never thought I would be on the stretch to ‘day job’ retirement before I would be ‘legitimately’ sharing it. Of course, it is the doing that matters. And retaining a bit of the child as I continue wherever the writing-road takes me is something I must remind myself of, too!

      Yes, dear ‘Kat’, I certainly understand the affinity-thing ‘with creatures so fond of sleeping all the livelong day.’ Naps are always calling (if not always taken). Love your Cheshire grin – it suits you! 🙂 XO


  9. Hi Diane, what a lovely drawing and the poem made me smile, cats do that! I remember the scare they gave me lol! They love to bring us mice and probably expect us to be grateful lol! Love what you have done, with the posting and with the blog too! XX 🙂


    • Oops lol 🙂 I think I misunderstood the poem the first time, it is a toy not a real mouse and the cat is not the I ! I still like the poem very much! 🙂


      • Thanks, Ina! I suppose it could be a little confusing. I gave the kitties a cloth mousey-ratty toy for Christmas, which Oscar decided was his. It is so cute to watch him play with it -jump on it, throw it up in the air, etc. Then it went missing and for days I kept asking it where it was. Then, on Friday evening, when I came home from work, I asked him again and added that I really liked watching him play with it. Not ten minutes later, I was sitting on the couch and saw he had laid it by the shoes I’d just taken off. He was already in his favorite chair asleep. So, he certainly understood what I had said! 🙂 XO


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