It’s All About Love – A Valentines Day Tribute

Just a quick announcement:

I will be on Internet Radio tonight!


Image Copyrighted by It Matters Radio 2014

It’s All About Love – A Valentines Day Tribute on It Matters Radio:

Thursday, Feb 13, 9AM (EST)

We’re excited to present to our listeners the winners of our 2014 Valentine Broadcast Contest. From music to humorous and heartfelt tales of love, it is sure to bring listeners the many meanings of Valentines Day.

You will hear the exceptional songs from two very talented female artists, Beth Rudetsky and one we know simply as Kaya as they present their songs of love.

The writers have outdone themselves with flash fiction, prose and poetry reaching into the many meanings this holiday may entail. We welcome Mark Murphy, Diane Denton, Lucille Barker and Salvatore Buttaci, the best from around the world.

I will be involved in a short interview and be reading my winning poem, Clearing for BluebellsThe show begins at 9 pm, Eastern Standard Time and I will be on after 10 pm.  I realize that it won’t be possible for many of you to tune in live, but the program will be recorded and available on podcast.  Here is the link.

Thanks, as always, for all your support and encouragement.

Happy Valentines Day!

Copyright 2014 by DM Denton

Illustration from The Library Next Door – A Kindle Short Story by DM Denton

24 thoughts on “It’s All About Love – A Valentines Day Tribute

  1. Hi Diane,

    Your interview was wonderful and your speaking voice is beautiful, too, as I haven’t heard it, yet! 🙂 I heard a little bit of clicking or static in the beginning, but I could still hear you clearly and then it stopped…I think despite Woody Woodpecker’s presence it went great! 🙂 Big Hugs! xo


    • Thanks, Christine! Was there a clicking sound when you listened … especially during my reading of the poem? When I listened last night there was – Monica said it was a noise in the studio that they couldn’t do anything about (and that it’s happened before, although not for a while ). She was going to try to see if she could mute it a little. Oh, the wonders of technology! Happy Valentines day! XO ♥


  2. Hi Diane,
    It turns out I won’t be able to hear it tonight because my in-laws are coming over, but I will definitely listen to the recorded version. Wishing you good luck and Congrats again! Very exciting for you! Big Hugs! xo


    • Thanks, Lauren. It went well on my end … but seems there was a noise that came through from the studio – a clicking sound that interferred with my section of the program only, especially while I was reading the poem. Monica of It Matters Radio said she was going to see if she could mute it a little. Oh, well, there’s the Universe again reminding me that there’s only so much I can control! 🙂 Hope you had a lovely visit with your inlaws and a wonderful Valentines Day! XO ♥


      • Aww..sorry to hear that, Diane, but glad you felt good about it anyway…I will listen to it over the weekend and I just need to click on the link here in your post, right?
        We had a good visit, thanks! Have a lovely day, my friend, and sending you lots of love! Happy Valentine’s Day, too! ♥ xoxo


        • They are editing it today and it should be back up by tomorrow. Monica said she was able to edit out the clicking but not all of the static. It was a good exercise for little ole reclusive me, if nothing else. 🙂 And they are going to make a page with all the winners which will include links to their blogs and websites, etc. So that will be good. That should be done by Monday. XO ♥


  3. Hi Diane, have a great time, it is wonderful that you will be on the air! I hope to listen later as I think it is in the middle of night here, but that doesn’t matter! And Happy Valentine’s day to you too! xxx 🙂


    • Thank you, Ina! A couple of the winners are overseas and so it will be 2/3am their time when they are on. Good that it is on podcast. Please listen at your leisure. I will only be on about 8 minutes … which will probably seem much longer! 🙂 XO ♥


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