Looking Out and Looking In

I must apologize for another self-promotion, but it has been in the cards this month, I guess.

Matthew Peters, a wonderful writer, whose novel, Conversations Among Ruins, will be published by All Things That Matter Press this year, did an interview with me about my writing.

My Interview with Diane Denton

Please welcome DIANE DENTON, AKA D.M. DENTON, author of


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I grew up in Western New York and have been writing, drawing and painting, since I was a child. I’ve always been most content in my imagination. From my teens I was obsessed with English literature and drama, began to dream and then plan to get to the UK. I made no secret of feeling something or someone would keep me there. The opportunity to cross the Atlantic came in my junior year of college and I spent the spring semester of 1974 at Wroxton College in Oxfordshire, a 13th century Augustinian Priory turned Jacobean Manor on extensive grounds and part of a picture-postcard village by the same name. And, yes, I did end up living in England (in that same village)—for the next sixteen years, an experience that enriched and frustrated me, but which I’m so glad I had. I returned to the US in 1990 to a lovely rural area of Western New York where I live in a log cabin with my mom and five cats.

I answered nine more questions and invite you to read the full interview!

And while you are visiting Matt’s website, please have a look at his bio and pages about his upcoming publications.

I end by offering something more like my usual postings. I know a lot of you have seen it before, but I hope it brings a little sweetness and brightness to your day or night!

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

By the window

there’s a pot

of Paperwhites

as sweet

to the scent as

they are

to the sight;

one then two,


even four

and five of a kind

with their eyes

so bright,

some looking out


some looking in.

14 thoughts on “Looking Out and Looking In

  1. I really enjoy reading interviews of my blogger friends. I’m amazed that you had such a strong urge to live abroad at your young age, Diane. I have no doubt that your intention made it come about for you too. I can relate to your need to have a foundation in home and nature…and your cats. Me too. As always, love your beautifully delicate painting of the Paperwhites…and your sweet poem. Hugs…


    • Hi, Gayle! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. Yes, I had the wanderlust when I was young … now I’m just the opposite … well, I let my imagination do the wandering! Thank you for your lovely comment and kind appreciation. Blessings. XO ♥


  2. Diane, I loved every word of this interview! It was a cosy intimate moment reading it. And I adore the photo of you and is it Oscar? Beautiful.
    I have just finished reading Far from the Madding Crowd and have just purchased Girl with a Pear Earring on kindle!

    I love this poem, its simplicity is its strength. As soon as I saw the illustration I remembered the poem and said to myself, “Ah, Paperwhites!” 😊 ❤ Xxx


    • Thank you, Christine, and sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. So glad you enjoyed the interview, and that you read Far From the Madding … and hope you enjoy Girl with the Pearl Earring … I think you will. XO


  3. Congratulations, Diane!

    I much enjoyed reading that interview. No wonder your writing is
    so vivid; you have led a most interesting life. It is most certainly inspiring! Wishing you continued success and much happiness!



    • Thank you, Sarah! I think the lines often blur between my inner and outer life, but I suppose that’s what being creative is all about. Your lovely words and friendship and wishes are so generous and mean so much to me. Wishes for all the best for you, too! XO


    • Yes, they have the most subtle but memorable scent, don’t they! Glad that I brightened your day and that you enjoyed the interview. Thank you for bearing with these self-promotional posts of mine the last few weeks! XO ♥


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