June in March

My mom, June, is 85 today!

We are celebrating with another blessed day together and dinner of shrimp cocktails, homemade ricotta-gnocchi and carrot cake! Mom prefers to stay home, surrounded by views of our lingering winter and the ever-pleasurable antics and unconditional love of our five kitty-boys.

Many of you know that she is a talented artist, as I have shared her paintings here before.

And, so, that is how I celebrate her 85th birthday with those of you who have wandered this way.


Once upon a time

I planned to be an artist

or celebrity.

A song I thought to write one day

and all the world with homage pay.

I longed to write a noble book,

but what I did–

was learn to cook.

For life with simple tasks is filled,

and I have done not what

I willed!

Written by my mom, June, in her journal, 1985

Her poem speaks to the sacrifices I know she has made, but does not do justice to the fullness, intelligence, creativity and importance of her life.

You can discover a little more about my mom through two short stories I’ve written based on her childhood memories.  She is a wealth of fascinating memories, which I’m sure will continue to inspire me, especially as I know how much it means to her when they do.  The Snow White Gift and The Library Next Door are available in Kindle editions  Remember you don’t need a Kindle device to read them – there’s an app for that!

Click here for information about The Snow White Gift and The Library Next Door.

“It take a long time to become young” -Pablo Picasso

Happy Birthday, Mom!

You are certainly 85 years young!

27 thoughts on “June in March

  1. I’m a little late to the party, but I wish your mom a belated happy birthday!!! I love her poem, and relate to it so well as I went from stay-at-home mom to care-giving for our elders, without much of a chance to create a career.

    “For life with simple tasks is filled” – so true!

    Wishing you and your mom many blessings in the years to come – may your lives continue to be filled with simple pleasures, too. Hope she enjoyed the shrimp cocktail, homemade ricotta-gnocchi and carrot cake. 🙂


    • Hi, Barbara! Thank you for your wishes for my mom – I passed them on and she thanks YOU! Her little poem says so much about the ‘simple tasks’ that can be so important – like caring for children and the elders … and ourselves and the animals and environment. Thank you so much for the blessed wishes. We had a lovely day together with lovely ‘eats’ and conversations. XO ♥


  2. My 65th is next Monday. Your mothers poem spoke to me in ways that I can’t even express, yet her art shows me that there is much more life to be lived, and I might yet write that novel… Please tell her I said thank you.


    • Hi, Claudia and welcome! I am so happy my mother’s poem reached out to you and so is she! We both thank you for your visit and lovely comment. I’m 60 and only published a novel a year and a half ago, although I’ve been writing all my life. Remember, your dreams are always waiting for you to reach out to them. Blessings. (I sent you a Friend request on Facebook – if you would like to connect there, too)


  3. What a sweet post,Diane ! You are so considerate,my friend !
    Many Happy Returns June !!! ♥ ✿ ✿ ✿ ♥
    Loved her elegant paintings and I’m thinking that : Like mother like daughter … She paints … you write up your thoughts and your sentiments with soft,pleasing colours …
    All the very best,


  4. What a beautiful tribute, Diane! Happy Birthday to your Mom and her poem and paintings are gorgeous! I can see how she is truly an inspiration to her lovely daughter, too! Your dinner sounds heavenly, as well, and carrot cake is my absolute favorite. 🙂 Wishing you both a lovely day and celebration! Many hugs and much love! xoxo


  5. What a wonderful post Diane! A big Happy Birthday to your mum! She has gifted us with so much beauty through your blog posts and these wonderful paintings are no exception. I cant stop looking at them, they are all fabulous. I adore the cat in conversation with the tiny bird.

    I hope you both had a wonderful day; the ood sounds yummy!

    Love and hugs ❤ xxx


    • Thank you, Christine – I will pass on your BIG happy birthday wishes to her! I especially love that cat and bird painting, too. She is taking her regular afternoon nap right now – we’ll be having cake soon. Then, dinner a little later. It was nice that today is my day off from work. Although, I may have another … yet another snowstorm is headed our way for Wednesday … XO ♥


      • Enjoy dinner! And also I forgot to say what a fabulous title for this post! And, unlike your weather,today we have definitely had June in March! It felt lovely in the garden and the daffodils and crocuses are shooting through! Not getting too excited though, its fooled us before! 😃 ❤ xx


  6. What a lovely posting, those images are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to your mother, Diane! Her art is lovely as is yours! It is great that you both are such real artists, and I hope you had a very pleasant day xx


    • Thank you, Ina, and I will pass on your congratulations and complements on her art to her! Quite a milestone (she just said to me that she always thought she would die young – her mother died at 46, her youngest sister at 57, her father in his 60’s ,,, as my father did). Well, I am so grateful and blessed that she is still here. She’s been a widow for 28 years, and after some difficulty, she has thrived and really enjoyed her life. We are going to have cake and a cuppa in a little while. XO ♥


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