Repost: An Artist Revealed

To continue the celebration of my mom’s birthday, and, also, to anticipate spring on this day of two-inch per hour falling snow, fierce winds and plummeting temperatures in Western New York …
By my mom, June ©

By my mom, June ©

The secrets of your heart
are stacked against the wall,
canvases for your art
of hiding what you missed.
No mistaking your style,
a freedom out of hand
that kept you all the while
believing as you wished.
A world that long was yours
before it was revealed—
imagination soars
with courage its master.
 Flowers filling a place
left bereft of your own,
a portrait in a vase
found by me, your daughter.
Landscapes take you afar,
cats and soup bring you home
to settle for who you are:
the author of this poem.

~ DM Denton

By my mom, June ©

By my mom, June ©

donatellasmallest©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.


18 thoughts on “Repost: An Artist Revealed

  1. Your mum’s paintings and your verses are absolutely delightful and revealing … Revealing all the grandeur of life and nature ! I did enjoy and appreciate them immensely,Diane !!!


  2. I remember these, too, Diane, and your Mom’s paintings are even more beautiful for a second viewing. The amount of talent flowing from her to you is unbelievable! And then your poem, aww…just gorgeous! How was your dinner, by the way? And about that carrot cake…any left? 🙂 I hope your Mom’s celebration was the best! Hugs and blessings! xo


    • Thank you so much, Lauren. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Mom’s birthday was lovely – she enjoyed it, especially the ricotta-gnocchi which I made from scratch … we just finished up the last pieces of the yummy carrot cake yesterday. XO ♥


  3. Oh I absolutely love this Diane! I remember it very well and its just so lovely to see it again. Your mum,like you, is so talented. I love both these paintings; I cant stop looking at them, the beautiful decorated vase just packed with flowers and the landscape and those beautiful cats on the grass. The shading in the grass is amazing.

    And then your beautiful poem, which has said even more to me now than it did before, I guess because Ive moved forward a little in the poetry world. I love the lines
    ‘Imagination soars
    with courage its master”

    I need to remember those lines. 😊

    Lots of love and hugs
    ❤ Xxx


    • It has been quite satisfying to be able to share my mom’s art and spirit with others … she used to go to an art class at the senior center while she was in her seventies, but, like me, she enjoys creating on her own, as she wants and how it happens. Thank you for your lovely comment – I have been reading the responses to her and I know she is very pleased. XO ♥


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