A Pleasing terror

I want to pass on the word about this new publication, which is already on my kindle! You can only expect the best from Bennison Books, which specializes in quality ebooks editions of:
Contemporary Classics – Selected works by contemporary writers
Non-Fiction – Useful and interesting works of non-fiction
People’s Classics – Handpicked golden oldies by favourite and forgotten authors
Bennison Books’ motto is ‘Every good book is a blessing.’ And, so, you will be very blessed if you check out “Ghost Writings” and more by this first-class publisher.

2 thoughts on “A Pleasing terror

  1. I want to thank you for your recent visit to my Blog and also to say that you are truly a women of outstanding sensibility and talent, ( you know how I just love your drawings apart from anything else ), so any recommendation from you has to be taken very seriously.


    • You’re welcome, Peter, and thank you, Peter! How kind you are. Deborah at Bennison Books is truly a treasure, as a writer herself, and as an editor and supported of other great writers. As you know, the reading public needs to look deeper than what is popular and discover the wealth of writing talent, which certainly includes you, that is out there. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


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