Perennial Perspective (first posted July 2013)

“She came toward me with two day-lilies, which she put in a childlike way into my hand, saying softly, under her breath, ‘These are my introduction.'” –  What literary critic and abolitionist, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, recalled of his unusual meeting with Emily Dickinson in 1870.

Mom's Day Lilies  July 2014

Mom’s Day Lilies – Copyright 2013

A view

through day lilies

bright and brave

growing wild

without abandoning

the perfect plan

for their existence.

Wanted to share another favorite painting of mine from my mom’s artistic hand and free spirit!

‘The daylily is often called “the perfect perennial,” due to its dazzlings colors, ability to tolerate drought, capability to thrive in many zones, and requiring very little care.’ from Wikipedia

The daylilies are absolutely beautiful this year in Western New York … in gardens, along roadsides and fields, it seems everywhere you look!

donatellasmallest©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

15 thoughts on “Perennial Perspective (first posted July 2013)

  1. Diane, this is exquisite! I love the message of it.

    “….growing wild
    without abandoning
    the perfect plan
    for their existence.”

    (Those lines coincidentally fit with the haiku I just posted. Such synchronicity always gives me goosebumps.)

    Also your mother’s painting is beautiful!

    (Am finally getting a little caught up here – will try to read more soon. 🙂 )


    • Hi, Betty, and thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. I went over to your blog and read ‘Uncut’ – it’s beautiful! And, yes, such synchronicity! I love it when that happens. 🙂 Like souls are connected no matter the physical distance or silence between them. Blessings. XO ❤


  2. Lilies are so pretty, and your tribute to the flower is wonderful! I enjoyed the poem and your Mom’s painting. As for any mention of Emily Dickinson, I am sighing 🙂 Also, thanks for the nice private note yesterday at my site. So nice!


  3. Beautiful words and art from two talented women, Diane. I, too, will never tire of reading your words or viewing your Mom’s gorgeous paintings. I have to also agree with Ina. 🙂 Hugs! ♥


  4. Oh I remember this so well Diane. Its a fabulous painting and your words qccompany it beautifully. I never tire of seeing the work of you and your mum. Love and hugs ❤️ Xxx and I agree with Ina too 😊


  5. Hi Diane, what a lovely painting and metaphor in the poem! Your mother and you are a great couple of artists! A book with both your work would be so nice… xxx


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