New! Kindle Edition of A Friendship with Flowers

“Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”
~ Georgia O’Keeffe, American Artist (1887 – 1986)
Cover Front Only ImageIn February 2013 my Illustrated flower journal, A Friendship with Flowers, became available in print. The 58 color images made the selling price of it in paperback rather high. I must thank those who purchased it in print and hope that others will do so, especially as the holiday season is coming up. It could be a perfect gift for the flower lovers and gardeners on your giving list.

Now it is more affordable at $5.99

 in its

 Kindle edition


On Kindle Fire devices or using the downloadable app for your tablet, smartphone, or computer, the images are in color.

On basic and Paperwhite Kindle devices, the images are as beautifully detailed in black and white.

 A Friendship with Flowers Kindle Cover

Click here for a preview of it.



In A Friendship with Flowers, the gifted American author and artist Diane Denton invites us to share a healing journey she took when the flowers that surrounded her in a very English part of England gave her solace, hope and inspiration.

This beautifully produced book will not be left on a bookshelf for long; and as if the exquisite paintings (you’ll never look at a dandelion in the same way again) are not more than enough in themselves, the author also includes her unique commentary on the natural world as she studies and interacts with it while coming to terms with an unspecified experience in her life.

This combination of artwork and poetic observation, that is both personal and universal, creates a unique alchemy that calms and comforts while still leaving open the essential mystery of the natural world and our place in it. Sometimes, the author seems to suggest, it’s OK for there to be no answers; there may be no pat solutions, but there are insights and realisations, looking back to move forward (This holy rose/is another reminder/of the summer past/and yet/to come…), and new ways of seeing things (I found the snow didn’t drop/from above/but sprung from below/to cover the ground…).

The illustrations and the accompanying poetry, which is controlled, understated and pared back, combine to create a companion book that will reveal a little more each time you dip into it; you will feel (to borrow the author’s words): here’s a friend/I just got to know — /suddenly,/by the roadside,/as I was going/nowhere.

This book also includes a detailed glossary listing all the flowers shown in the beautiful illustrations throughout the book. This glossary includes the everyday and Latin name of each flower plus brief information about its habitat and the time of year that you’ll be able to spot it (easily recognisable in real life from the painstaking accuracy of the artist’s depiction). ~ Deborah Bennison, Bennison Books


In A Friendship with Flowers by D M Denton, very talented author, poet and artist, we are taken on a gentle meander through the Oxford countryside where she not only lived for several years but breathed, absorbed and became part of her beautiful surroundings. This gorgeous book contains the author’s own exquisite illustrations of a variety of flowers from hedgerow and garden, all accompanied by mellow poetic verses in her own inimitable style. Here is an example – of The Honeysuckle, the author writes: By the back door/the night comes in as sweet/as honey is to eat, like nectar/to the moths and bees/who suckle all they please;/while I can never get enough/of the scent/that can climb trees.
This is a book to treat yourself to or give to a loved one as a very special gift. It uplifts and delights at the turn of every page and is, without doubt, one to treasure. ~ Christine Moran, Journey into Poetry


A playful collection of thoughts about the names of flowers found in England, paired beautifully with the author’s delightful illustrations. My favorite, floxglove: “I am inclined to believe fairies hang up their thimbles when a sunny day is as right for dreams as a day-lit night makes idle hands.” ~ Barbara Rogers, By the Sea

May all your friends grace and heal you with

their beauty, wisdom, and playfulness!


donatellasmallest©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.


19 thoughts on “New! Kindle Edition of A Friendship with Flowers

  1. Diane,

    I had been away from the computer for a bit, and somehow had missed even
    the print version of A Friendship with Flowers. I have just now ordered it in print and
    can’t wait for it to get here. It is an early Christmas present to myself.

    It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. Thank you for all the joy you bring by sharing
    your talents.



    • Dear Sarah. So nice to ‘see’ you here and thank you so much for purchasing the print version! – I so hope it will bring you much pleasure. I have just finished reading and reviewing a couple of novels and now, finally, I’m going to delve into “Time’s Essence”. Blessings to you for being such a lovely supportive, inspiring friend. Thank you again! XO ❤


  2. Im back now Diane; it was a very, very special weekend in so many ways. And on the Saturday evening I was asked to be the main speaker, talking about how my spirituality has changed during the past three years since diagnosis and relating all that to my recovery from the alcohol too. It was such a privilege and left me feeling very emotional ❤️ Xxx


  3. Im so pleased you are looking up Diane, you have so much talent.
    I think my book is almost there. It’s been quite a ride but the almost finished product brought a tear to my eye. I am so grateful to Deborah for publising it, it’s a dream come true. She has done a fabulous job setting the whole thing out. I now need to market it wherever and however I can; all profits will go to the MS Trust. ❤️ Xxxx


    • I thought you might contribute profits to MS, {{{Christine}}}. And, so, I am even more thrilled to have helped towards your book’s publication. And to have pointed you in Deborah’s direction, of course! Have a wonderful time on your retreat this weekend. XO ❤


  4. Absolutely Diane! We need more and more things llike this to redress the balance because it is tipping in a very negative way, its very fightening.

    Isnt it wonderful looking back on where this began! We never know where our creativity will take us in the future!

    ❤️ Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it is so amazing … I wanted to be a writer ever since I could remember … it took me so long to realize I was one no matter what. Still a roller-coaster, but I’m enjoying the ride much more now … ever trying to look up not down. Excited for you – for the next step you’re about to take! 🙂 XO ❤


    • You are so kind, Peter, and I value your opinion very much as you are such an inspired thinker, and spirit, and great writer yourself. I hope you enjoy the book – it’s reflections are simple and natural, as are the drawings. It was done for very private reasons and, so, as I told Christine, never intended to be put out to the public. But I am glad to share it now and hope its “translation” to Kindle has retained its essence. I have your novel on my list to read and I hope to get to it soon. Thank you again, my friend!


  5. Such a beautiful book Diane and Im so pleased I have the original printed one, it is never far from me, always on a coffee table here or there. Such a good idea to put it on kindle too! I hope lots of people buy it and are as comforted by it as I am. ❤️ Xxx


    • Thank you again and again, Christine, for your interest and support of my work. When I was creating the original journal as an escape from a difficult time because of my father’s sudden death and a few other things, I never thought it would be shared, let alone published … and as an e-book? I didn’t even use a computer in those days. 🙂 It was a challenge to put together as it had to be formatted differently to the print version, but I hope it has retained its essence in the ‘translation’. So glad it continues to bring you comfort. It is good to put out something positive in this overly violent and negative world … whether it reaches a few or many. XO ❤


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