Coming Soon! Book Trailer

Book Trailer taking you beyond A House Near Luccoli … To A Strange Somewhere Fled.

After the sudden end to her collaboration with the composer Alessandro Stradella in February 1682, Donatella moves from Genoa to a small village in Oxfordshire, England. Her father’s friendship with the residents of Wroxton Abbey, important figures in the court of Charles II, offers her new possibilities, especially, as music and its masters~including the ‘divine’ Henry Purcell~have not finished with her yet.

Music is The Plaint: O Let Me Weep from The Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell.

O, let me forever weep:
My eyes no more shall welcome sleep.
I’ll hide me from the sight of day,
And sigh my soul away.
He’s gone, his loss deplore,
And I shall never see him more.

Here is a post I wrote a few years ago, inspired by this piece, called Words and Music.


I must thank Deborah of Bennison Books, and authors Mary Clark and Steve Lindahl for their pre-publication reviews that inspired some of the text in this video. Those reviews will be included in the book.

Proofing the final galley copy now and preparing myself to let my second novel child go!


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon! Book Trailer

  1. Wonderful post and video, Diane, and I can’t wait to read about Donatella’s continuing journey in Oxfordshire. In fact, I’m really excited to have your sequel in my possession! 🙂
    Unfortunately, though, my sound isn’t working and this is our only computer. So I don’t have the pleasure of listening to the music which is disappointing. However, I will get a chance in the near future once everything works again. Sending lots of love! ♥


    • Thanks, Lauren. Too bad you can’t hear the music. It is very hard to get good public domain ‘classical’ music for use with videos and I was fortunate to be able to get this piece for free and without any copyright issues. And I got it to sync perfectly (which is why the video is a little longer than my others). Hopefully, you can watch it with the audio soon. Thank you for your interest in reading the sequel – I hope it will prove enjoyable. I’m just working on the proof of the final galley copy: by Sunday or so it will be done and in my capable publisher’s hands before it is sent out to swim the hard swim against the current. A big hug and lots of love for your continued support and valued friendship. XO ❤


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