The Seventeenth Century Lady – Guest Post by DM Denton

Thank you to Andrea Zuvich for hosting me on her beautiful site The Seventeenth Century Lady. Andrea has long recognized the excellence of the music of Alessandro Stradella, who is, of course, the focus of my novel A House Near Luccoli and, hauntingly, its sequel To A Strange Somewhere Fled.

I hope thou will take a few minutes for a little time travel and indulge thyself with a visit to this beautifully designed, intelligent, and entertaining website, and, whilst there, have a read of my post:

Alessandro Stradella: Fascinating, Flawed, Forgiven, and Unforgettable: A Guest Post by DM Denton | The Seventeenth Century Lady.

Most of the readers of The Seventeenth Century Lady are not only fans of 17th-century history, but also of the Baroque music of that time. It is therefore my pleasure to have DM Denton here with a guest post about Alessandro Stradella – a commonly (and sadly!) overlooked composer of wonderful Italian Baroque music. Alessandro Stradella: Fascinating, Flawed, Forgiven,… Read more




Happy Spring Equinox!

4 thoughts on “The Seventeenth Century Lady – Guest Post by DM Denton

  1. You so much deserve success. I am always filled with guilt that I have not been more supportive of your work than I have been, because the book sounds simply fascinating and you know what a fan I am of your drawings. I shall get a moment, and I will read and review it because that is really the least your beautiful work demands. I really hope you enjoy great an deserved success with this


    • Oh, I’m bowled over! Thank you for your generous words, Peter! And, please, don’t feel guilty at all. There is only so much time, and for us writers writing takes up much of it. I haven’t read your novel yet, but have it on the list, along with your new one when it comes out. I see how your writing, full of wit and wisdom but also so entertaining, is – very deservedly – so well received. Wishing success to you, too. And many blessings for all aspects of your life.


  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading all of this Diane. And I have gained more of an Insight into how much goes into writing a historical novel.

    I also find it fascinating how the first novel came about from those early beginnings of your listening to Stradella’s music, then the ‘knowing’ that there would be a sequel where you could incorporate your time and experiences in Oxford. Needless to say, I have now begun to read To a Strange Somewhere Fled with the eagerness of a child at Christmas. 😊

    Sending lots of love and hopes for your book’s success, although a great success has already been achieved in the writing and producing of such a special book. ❤️ Xxx


    • Thank you so much, Christine; especially for taking the time to read the post! I love the researching part of writing novels, although it is very time and brain consuming, and that’s why I enjoy writing historical fiction, I think (besides loving history). There is this point, after much reading and considering and taking it all in, when it clicks and you feel like you are a part of that time and place and culture, etc., and that is a most rewarding feeling. I cannot thank you enough for being such a constant support and source of encouragement. Hope you enjoy reading! XO ❤


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