To A Strange Somewhere Fled – “Irrevocable in its magic & intrepid in its storytelling”

The reviews have been coming in for To A Strange Somewhere Fled, sequel to A House Near Luccoli! See many of them here.

Thank you to all who have read and are planning to read it. If you have not yet purchased it, I hope the very favorable reviews will be an enticement for you to do so.

Thank you to Casee Marie of Literary Inklings for this BEAUTIFULLY expressed, generous, in-depth, and insightful response to the novel. I feel like she has looked into and validated my soul. You can read the review below, but I strongly urge you to follow the link to Literary Inklings, a showcase for the grace and excellence Casee puts into everything she does, and her dedication and contribution to the promotion of authors and their work, even mostly unknown ones like me!

To a Strange Somewhere Fled by D.M. Denton

Review © Casee Marie, originally published on

12 thoughts on “To A Strange Somewhere Fled – “Irrevocable in its magic & intrepid in its storytelling”

  1. What a lovely review Diane and so very well deserved. As soon as pennies permit, I will purchase your lovely book. You are lovely. Hugs Xx ❤


    • Thank you so much, Jane! I hope you can read it. Did you get to read A House Near Luccoli? I have been impressed by the furniture painting you’ve been doing (have seen your photos on FB). You’re a lady of many talents … the beauty of your soul shining through all of them! XO ❤

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  2. That’s a lovely review. I know you are a really talented individual and I always feel guilty that I have not done more to support you. Keep prodding me and I will get round to reviewing your book. There are so many I am meant to review but I will get round to it


    • Thank you so much, Peter! Of course, I look forward to your response to my book, but I understand, as I owe reviews, too, including for both of yours. I think you might enjoy this quote from Einstein: “The only reason for time is so everything doesn’t happen at once.” Well, thank you for taking the time to visit here, read and comment on my post. I appreciate it very much! All the best.


  3. Funny to look at the comments and realize, once again, that many of my favorite writers recognize, as I do, the special difficulty of writing reviews and critiques! This is a stellar one, and richly deserved. Congratulations to *both* writers! 😉 ‘Specially to you, dear Diane!!


    • Thank you so much, Kathryn! I am in awe of Casee’s ability to write such in-depth reviews (and she does do so a lot), as I do not find it easy to critic others work and have some write-ups I’m very delinquent on doing, including your lovely book. I must say, I would love to have a little ‘critique’ from you on my writing, especially regarding the novels’ depiction of fine music, which I know is such a integral part of your life. Saying that, I know how time gets filled with so many any other things, and the imagination likes to own what’s left, especially for us creatives. So just want you to know I’m so appreciative of your support, encouragement, your friendship, and, especially, you being you! XO ❤


  4. What an awesome review, Diane, and I have to agree with Chris. Writing reviews isn’t my forte either. Casee did an amazing job and you are more than deserving. Sending much love for a great week ahead! ♥


  5. What a fabulous review Diane! And so very well deserved. There is much skill in writing a good review which, unfortunately I don’t have, but this particular one says exactly what I am unable to put into words. 😊❤️ Xxx


    • Thank you so much, Christine! Casee is an excellent writer – she definitely has an immense talent for writing sensitive and perceptive reviews! She offered insight into my own work, which is invaluable in my going forward – then so is every response I get to my writing. XO ❤


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