Flowers and Candles

A small voice
questioning in another language
gently guided
to look around
wider than the view
seeking what we all should seek
the calm beyond the storm
understanding beyond comprehension
listening beyond speaking
compassion beyond reaction
the child in our weariness
trembling for love not fear
choosing to believe
as long as we have
flowers and candles
it will be alright


Many have already seen this poignant video of a Parisian father speaking with his young son.
If you haven’t, I encourage you to take a few minutes to view and listen. Please click here to watch.



The world continues frightful
once again caught off-guard
while following its heart
that longs for innocence
in an age when it is
all too brief.

The cold creates a warmth of
knowing we must come in
from the harsh winds that blow
humanity to shame
and haunts its soul for right
to be done.

The season cannot change what
happened to all those who
did not doubt tomorrow
and to all those who did,
losing their smiles in tears
not in vain.

For as long as the world turns
from darkness to cast light
on a softer view through
the narrowing window
of how to make amends,
we must try.


Yellow Rose



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