We’re crowdsourcing: submit your poem!

Poets! Here’s a chance to see your poetry published in a beautiful anthology (Bennison Books publications are always first class) AND contribute to The Book Bus, a very worth charity. Follow the link to learn more and how to submit!

Bennison Books

2blue-logoBennison Books is crowdsourcing poetry! No, we don’t want your money: we want your words.

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5 thoughts on “We’re crowdsourcing: submit your poem!

    • Hi, Martin. No – no specific theme and it doesn’t have to be for children. As long as your poem is in the English language and no longer than 50 lines, it will be considered for inclusion. Shorter poems are especially welcome. Hope you contribute! (And please accept my sincere apologies for not answering your email of a while back … must put that right!) xo

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