Showcasing our authors – Chris Moran: breaking free into poetry

Bennison Books, a publisher of excellence, has been showcasing its fine authors. I was honored to be a part of the sublimely beautiful poetry collection “Dancing in the Rain” by my dear inspirational friend Christine Moran, both in creating the cover art and writing the introduction. Please follow the link to this post about Christine and the special gift of her poetry. All profits go to the MS Trust. And take a little more time to check out Bennison Books’ other unique publications and authors.

Bennison Books

Welcome to the first in our new series showcasing the diverse work of our amazing authors.Bennison Books is privileged to work with gifted writers across the globe who work in a variety of genres.

It’s an honour to start this series with UK poet Chris Moran. Chris recovered from alcoholism and the depths of despair only to be faced with a long-delayed diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Poetry freed her spirit. Moving, often humorous and suffused with hope, her work is courageously honest as she documents her life with a clear and unwavering eye.

The following poem, taken from her collection Dancing in the Rain, published by Bennison Books, explores a moment in her continuing journey towards acceptance.

Coming in from the Cold I have decided to let it in, MS that is. I have made it stand out there in all weathers, biting cold, hail, strong winds and…

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