Showcasing our authors – Thomas Davis: a contemporary take on the epic

Another fine author with Bennison Books! Not many publishers today would take on an epic poem. Not many authors today could write one with such poetic and storytelling skill. Thomas Davis has also published with All Things That Matter Press and Four Windows Press. The Weirding Storm” moves effortlessly and clearly, exquisite prose-poetry swelling every line, verse, page and chapter. There is pure genius in creative composition that marries complexity with clarity, achieves poeticism without pretention, and engages the lover of story and language equally, all the while offering insight into human nature and the fragile possibilities of survival for the world and its inhabitants. “The Weirding Storm” is an important classic of our time, deserving much attention and acclaim. From my review on Amazon:

Bennison Books

One of the most unusual and exciting projects taken on by Bennison Books was the publication of The Weirding Storm, A Dragon Epic by American author Thomas Davis.

It was a genuine honour to work with such a gifted and prolific writer and publisher on this contemporary revival of an ancient poetic tradition. As Thomas explains:

“Epic poetry has shaped thought and inspired men and women to feel the pulse of the universe for a long, long time. It mirrors our deepest selves.

“This age, in all its confusion, is a continuation of ages past, not a separation, and the epic still has a relevant story to tell. Perhaps more so than ever.”

Thomas Davis’s published work includes his historical novel, In the Unsettled Homeland of Dreams(All Things That Matter Press, 2019), which was awarded the prestigious 2019 Edna Ferber Fiction Book Award, and Sustaining the…

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