Book Covers and Illustrations by DM Denton

If you are looking for artwork/illustrations for book covers and interiors, I might be able to help.

Please contact me.

My three novels now available

Interior Illustrations from
Without the Veil Between, Anne Brontë: A Fine and Subtle Spirit
available from dmdenton.artspan
limited edition signed prints available directly from DM Denton


Illustrated Kindle Shorts

Cover artwork and design © Copyright by DM Denton

And illustrated poetry journal

Here is the cover I illustrated for Christine Moran‘s poetry anthology published by Bennison Books.

Christine writes: “Diane created the front cover of my new poetry book called Dancing in the Rain. I explained to her what I would like and when I saw the finished artwork I was absolutely thrilled; it was stunningly beautiful and far exceeded my expectations. Diane has a unique ability to capture mood and depth of meaning in her work. And it is very clear that all she does is carried out with love and passion for her art.”

DancingInTheRainCreateSpace (2)-page-0 Cover only resized

Here are some illustrations I did for another author’s novella
A Christmas Carol in Maine
by Philip Harris

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