Cast of Historical Characters

When informed that “jealousy was the motive to it” Purcell lamented Stradella’s fate, and “in regret of his great merit as a musician”, said he could forgive him any injury in that kind.

                                                   ~ From Purcell studies by Curtis Price

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Roger North, 1651 – 1734; English lawyer and Biographer; King’s Council, 1682- 1685

Read more about him and the North family here.


Portrait of Roger North by Peter Lely

Portrait of Roger North by Peter Lely










Portrait of Sir Francis North by Peter Lely

Portrait of Sir Francis North by Peter Lely


Roger North’s eldest brother:

Francis North, 1st Baron Guilford, 1637 – 1685; Keeper of the Great Seal 1683-1685








Henry Purcell, English Composer, 1659 – 1695, finest and most original composer of his day. Though he was to live a very short life he was able to enjoy and make full use of the renewed flowering of music after the Restoration of the Monarchy.

As the son of a musician at Court, a chorister at the Chapel Royal, and the holder of continuing royal appointments until his death, Purcell worked in Westminster for three different Kings over twenty-five years.




Carlo Ambrogio Lonati as an old man


Carlo Ambrogio Lonati, c.1645 – c.1712, Italian composer, violinist and singer, described as one of the most virtuoso violinists of his century. Friend of Alessandro Stradella








Nicola Matteis  byGodfrey Kneller, 1682



Nicola Matteis fl. c. 1670 – after 1714, earliest notable Italian Baroque violinist in London, whom Roger North judged in retrospect “to have bin a second to Corelli,” and a composer of significant popularity in his time, though he has been utterly forgotten until the later 20th century.





Pietro Reggio, 1632 – 1685, Italian composer, lutenist, and singer, probably from Genoa, who settled in England after 1664 – I couldn’t find any images of him, but the diarist Samuel Pepys called him “slovenly and ugly”.





Celia Fiennes, English Traveler and author of Through England on a Side Saddle, 1663 – 1741


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