Escaping Ziegfeld

My new short story
Escaping Ziegfeld
is now available

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a wonderful animal rescue organization )

Cover artwork and design © Copyright by DM Denton

The fingering and pedaling of the Mozart piece required her absolute attention. What could be more important than effecting the appoggiaturas, the upper half of her torso leaning and lifting like a dancer, her elbows slightly bent, her wrists almost imperceptibly rolling side to side, her fingers always in touch with the keys and lightly en pointe?

Irene had been a little unnerved by the Italian’s ice-blue eyes, but how could he compete with the possibility of her following in the footsteps of Lillian Lorraine, the Dolly sisters, Marilyn Miller and Fanny Brice?

Illustration © Copyright by DM Denton


For the inspiration behind Escaping Ziegfeld read:

Picking Flowers Off Wallpaper

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