Reviews: The Snow White Gift

5 Stars
December 17, 2015
By Editornado
Short story is a nice introduction to author’s longer works

AThe Snow White Gift, historical fiction set in the Great Depression of the 20th century, resonates today, in the fallout of the Great Recession and income inequality. But the short story is not as much about making do with few financial resources, as finding *human* resources to work together to brighten our own and others’ lives. We need to open our eyes and hearts to those who we can help and those who can help us. The meaning of gift-giving at Christmas is not the “stuff”, not the toys, not the big-ticket items Amazon dangles before our eyes, but the relationships of family and friends that are enriched by working, playing, feasting, and worshiping together. That’s the sub-text I saw in The Snow White Gift: family relationships in inglorious reality.

The scenes were beautifully set, and the story can be read in 90-120 minutes. It’s suitable for any age, but I suppose most interest would lie with middle-aged and older readers whose parents or grandparents lived through the Depression and communicated those can-do values that we all need to remember.

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of The Snow White Gift in exchange for an honest review. This is the first narrative I’ve read by DM Denton, but it won’t be the last.

4 Stars
December 17, 2015
By Micki Peluso
Beautiful Christmas Story of Love and Happiness
What better gift for the holidays and all year around than a charming story of an old-fashioned doll, a Nanny, a kindly aunt, and a little girl? Only the talented writing skills of author DM Denton could make this tale of hardship and disappointments during the
Depression years into something that will touch the hearts of children and adults of all ages.The child, Charlotte, has it in her mind what she wants for Christmas and her spinster Aunt Maudy finds a unique way to get it for her. It was difficult then to get food and clothing but Maudy was determined her niece would have what she wanted so badly. Being a child, Charlotte and her aunt clash on what the gift should look like, but Maudy’s efforts are fully appreciated years later when Charlotte grows up and has a daughter of her own.Author Denton’s characters are well-developed as she takes her readers back to a period of time when everyday life was a struggle and new gifts and toys were usually out of the question. Yet, happiness, the greatest gift of all was still going for a good price, especially at Christmas. This story is a gift of the heart.Look for other well-crafted books by D M Denton. She’s a natural at writing touching books that reach the reader on so many levels.This book was gifted to me to enjoy and offer an honest review.
5 Stars
September 5, 2014
By Gail D. Olson
Great setting, characters, and story!
As a former Chicagoan familiar with the Oak Park area, I absolutely loved this story: its setting, its characters, its bittersweet family drama. The details are very well done; I can see this doll and the women’s painstaking work on it. Excellent writing! A very satisfying read.
5 stars
May 17, 2014
By Jane Thorne
A Beautiful Christmas Tale
Diane writes from the heart and draws you in to a world we are close to forgetting. This is a beautifully woven tale that catches you right from the start and tells of old fashioned values and unconditional love. Diane’s writing talent wraps you up in that time and creates the feeling that you are there, and it matters what happens to her finely painted characters. Ooh Diane, please write a book of short stories, I would love to read it.
5 Stars
March 16, 2014
By Mary
Gift of a Story
This is a gift of a story that shows we can learn, in time, when there’s patience and love. The detail is delightful and touching, with just the right emphasis at the right points. A change in point of view, several times, is deftly handled, and adds an evocative layer. There’s struggle and sadness, acceptance and optimism as the characters, two older women, make the best of their situation in life. The art of the short story is a difficult one, but Denton has demonstrated she is up to the task. I highly recommend this story.
5 Stars
December 28, 2013
By HMatson
What a touching, sweet and heart-warming story, taking us back into a simpler time. It recalled for me a time of innocence and wonder at the holiday season, when all sorts of magic happens.

5 stars
December 9, 2013
By D. Bennison (UK)
Wise and heartwarming
This short story is a wise and heartwarming tale. The reader is quickly drawn into the lives of Maudy, Aunt Nanny and Maudy’s neice, the ‘sweet child’ whose reaction to a special Christmas gift comes back to haunt her in later life. It’s a story of unconditional love, forbearance, redemption and forgiveness. A perfect Christmas read for any time of year. Don’t miss!

5 stars
December 2, 2013
By Lauren Scott
A story to warm your heart for any season of the year!
I’ve been following Diane’s blog for over two years now and each time I read her writing, it’s like the first time…full of magic, wonder, vivid painted pictures, and beauty. The Snow White Gift holds all of these qualities and many, many more that will keep you from putting this story down, whether it’s on your kindle or iPhone! It touches on gift giving and the outcomes, both disappointing and rewarding that I’m sure everyone can relate to. Diane’s heartwarming story is highly recommended for this wonderful season, but truly for any time of the year!
5 stars
December 1, 2013
By Barbara Woolley
For another time
The Snow White Gift lays out the truth of many a gift-giving experience. Diane Denton does a fine job capturing the heart of each character. This saga has played out in every home. I am sure you can relate!
5 stars
December 1, 2013
By Francina Hartstra
A compelling, moving , touching and beautiful fictional short story
The Snow White Gift by Diane Denton is a compelling, moving , touching and beautiful fictional short story set around Christmas in Depression-weary times. Personally I think this is a story everyone should read for its all about the art of giving. Unconditional giving, from the heart without asking anything back in return. Willing to set our own wishes aside to be able to give to another person. I can highly recommend this wondrous and excellent written story to you! I read all the pages in one breath

5 stars
November 24, 2013
By Chris M
A beautiful seasonal short story by very talented author, artist and poet
Whatever Diane Denton writes, she simply draws the reader all the way in and invites him/her to be right there in the midst of the story, and this delightful heartwarming short story, The Snow White Gift, is no exception.
Diane’s writing is warm, gentle and beautifully descriptive. Her books are simply a delight to be with and are very difficult to put down; she leaves the reader wanting more and more.



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