Reviews: The Library Next Door

5 Stars
February 10, 2014
By D. Bennison
Don’t miss this visit to the library next door
If you are not yet familiar with DM Denton’s work, this short story is a wonderful introduction to it. It is a hallmark of the author’s writing that she is able to rapidly set a scene and bring characters to life with great skill and authenticity, immediately involving the reader in the lives of her protagonists. In this involving story, a young woman gradually gains the courage to be herself through reading books from the library of the title, and — both literally and metaphorically — writing herself into a new and autonomous selfhood: ‘…to make a beginning

5 stars
January 26, 2014
By iamlostinthot “Jackie”
The Library Next Door
A charming and whimsical story that leaves you wanting more. DM Denton has captured perfectly the essence of a time when the wants and desires of young women were often in conflict with what was expected of them. The imagery is vivid and the characters accessible. By the end of the story you are left with the feeling that the main character, Rose, will somehow break the confines of her constrained life and go on to become the woman she was meant to be. Find a quiet spot with a cup of tea and let DM Denton take you on this wonderful journey – you won’t regret it!

5 stars
January 14, 2014
By Angela M. Roesler
A lovely story… would love to read more!
I normally do not read short fiction, but this character driven period piece by D.M. Denton was such a treat! I felt soothingly whisked into this delightful story of a young woman’s “romance” with literature and self-discovery… and oh, (pleased to encourage the author), I am intrigued and want to know… what does Rose write next?

5 stars
January 12, 2014
By Chris M
A Kindle short story by Diane M. Denton, a writer with a unique talent
In this wonderful Kindle Short Story by Diane M. Denton, her unique talent shines through dazzlingly. The story, about a young woman’s love of books and the intricacies of her family life and those of the two ladies who inhabit the “library” next door, is full to the brim of Diane’s gentle but fierce passion for words and her descriptive abilities, which place the reader firmly in the middle of each scene where a light appears to have been suddenly switched on. Diane has a special talent for being able to say just as much by the words not said as those that are, leaving us almost wishing she had said more but rather glad she didn’t. An absolute must read, but be warned, you will be left wanting more, and more, and more.


5 stars
May 14, 2014
By Jane Thorne
A Beautifully written evocative Story that stays with you
This beautifully written story takes you back to a time when women led lives of gentle pursuits, without ambition by society’s expectations. Rose is a finely drawn character and you care for her. As you become involved with Rose’s tale, you can hear the ticking of a clock and the genteel feel of the time, yet, the sharp edges of the story are skillfully stitched into place with a delicate touch. I would love to read more and I also loved the writer’s artistic illustration.

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