The Snow White Gift

ATTMP Holiday Short ImageWe had the first snowfall last night, so how appropriate that the illustrated story I wrote for All Things That Matter Press’ Holiday Kindle Shorts became available on today for $.99 (£0.77 at!

The Snow White Gift is based on a real story from my mom’s youth.

In Depression-weary times, a little girl’s wish for a special doll touches a stoic heart. Through sacrifice and pure intent, giving her what she wants results in disappointment but eventually confirms that love and patience can work magic.

Copyright 2013 by DM Denton

Copyright 2013 by DM Denton

By the way, you can read this story without a Kindle device. Just download the FREE Kindle app to your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Although this story was specifically written for the upcoming holidays, it is relevant at any time:
For it is in giving that we receive. ―    St. Francis of Assisi

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