Simply Speaking…It’s May! It’s Daisy May!

Another re-post, but hope you enjoy again or for the first time!

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

In forgotten places
  there are daisies
  to love
  whether I am
  or not
  call them dogged or
  ox-eyed or
  by any name
  they are still
  a treat.


Cover Image Front Only ResizedThis illustration and poem is from my publication, A Friendship with Flowers, available at and now 10% off.

Here’s a new review by Christine Moran of journeyintopoetry and perfectimperfection:

A delightful exploration of the Oxfordshire countryside in a book of exquisite flower illustrations and delicate verse

In A Friendship with Flowers by D M Denton, a very talented author, poet and artist, we are taken on a gentle meander through the Oxford countryside where she not only lived for several years but breathed, absorbed and became part of her beautiful surroundings. This gorgeous book contains the author’s own exquisite illustrations of a variety of flowers from hedgerow and garden, all accompanied by mellow poetic verses in her own inimitable style.

Here is an example – of The Honeysuckle the author writes:-
By the back door/the night comes in as sweet/as honey is to eat, like nectar/to the moths and bees/who suckle all they please;/while I can never get enough/of the scent/that can climb trees.

This is a book to treat yourself to or give to a loved one as a very special gift. It uplifts and delights at the turn of every page and is, without doubt, one to treasure.

Happy May Everyone!

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