Lost in April

Written and posted in memory of my Aunt Jeanne (my mother’s oldest and closest sister) who died suddenly on April 7, 2012…

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

If only what was past
could come to life
like the willow
In April
when cold breezes still blow
and something like its heart
tells it to grow
and dries its fresh tears
of green.

The nodding daffodils
seem to agree
as they sound the
good news of
having shadows at last
while joined by violets
lost in the grass
rummaged by rabbits
and deer.

Not all the singing birds
are silenced for
the one fading
in my hand
perhaps choosing to die
on the fragile flight of
a butterfly
colored like the daffs
as if…

born of them.  

Copyright 2012 by DM Denton

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