Nature Insight: Winter’s Flowering

The grass is greener than it should be, this side of winter showing a mildness of manner that belies the stormy season at its heart.  A Sessile Oak stands brittle and strong, rain running down its fissured bark and turning to snow one drop at a time.

As I post this winter has finally come in force to these parts. The Snowdrops at the base of the Sessile Oak just outside the back of the house are completely covered but they will soon proudly poke through the snow as if they know they are its namesake.  

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

34 thoughts on “Nature Insight: Winter’s Flowering

  1. Snowdrops have always been one of the most magical flowers to me – they make me happy in such a way that I sometimes think they break my heart. Your picture is so beautiful, and your line of the rain ‘turning to snow one drop at a time’ is brilliant in so many ways, and utterly delightful.


  2. Lovely snowdrops! We have a clump of them out in our front garden.

    It’s very windy here, and cold, but – thankfully – no snow yet. I’m hoping we don’t get any this winter, health-wise, I don’t tolerate snow or extremes of temperature very well. Last year we had so much snow, it was horrible!.


    • Hi Val!

      Yes, snowdrops are some of loveliest flowers…

      Well, I had a horrible drive home last Thursday as the snow dumped on us (and those little snowdrops) again. But today is headed towards 50 degrees and it’s raining!

      We had an extremely cold and snowy winter last year…this one is giving us much variety.

      Thanks for your visit and comment!


  3. Bardess, I have just added your name to my blogroll, and also to the list of nominees for the “Genuine Blogger Award”. Sorry you were missed before – afraid my blogroll isn’t up to date. You deserve this award – I greatly enjoy your poetry and artwork!


    • Hi Betty! And thank you for adding my blog to your roll and also for the award nomination which I humbly accept and will acknowledge sometime in the next week. I appreciate your kind acknowledgement of my work. I’m always hopeful I’m offering something for others to ponder and enjoy, and find the sharing so satisfying.


  4. Hi Diane, this is so lovely again 🙂 I don’t see the snowdrops here already, but my Marigolds from this Summer are still blooming… Climate is confused! 🙂 Enjoy the snow!


  5. Hi Diane,

    This is a lovely post for my return after a short absence!

    I really love your snowdrops; they are such a delight!

    Our winter so far has been crazily mild. I have a cherry blossom tree which is in full bloom now!! How ridiculous is that?! Poor thing doesn’t know which way to turn next.



    • Hi Christine!

      Hope you are recovering ok. So nice to ‘talk’ with you again. Thanks for your appreciation…it really means alot. The snow from last weekend melted and the snowdrops were there as if it was a summer’s day. Since last night they have been covered with snow again (we’re getting a lot today too with strong winds which make the cold temps colder). They are such patient little flowers!


    • Thank you, Savira! Once more we are seeing green…sodden green as it is mild again and raining! But if there’s not to be much snow this winter then we need the rain to prepare the earth for the seasons to come.


  6. Diane I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award as finding your blog has certainly lightened up my life..the link is at

    Feel free to accept or decline, no pressure, but I wanted you to know that you have made an impact on me. take care , Jane


    • Thank you so much, Jane! I gratefully accept and when I get the chance will do so through a post to acknowledge your kindness and pass the award on to some other very worthy bloggers.

      Just you ‘saying’ that I have added something positive to your life is a great complement!


  7. Oh, Bardess, your artwork never ceases to tickle the cockles of me heart! I have daffodils on the verge of bursting open their buds in my own yard. The snowdrop is an even more endearing shout-out to early signs of pre-spring.


    • I love the idea that my artwork tickles! Wow, to have daffodils about to bud this early! I saw some coming through but now the snow has covered them. It’s getting milder again and supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so they will soon be confused again. What an indecisive winter! Thanks for your visit!


    • I’m glad you liked it, Andrea, and thanks for your generous comment. I was starting to think we weren’t going to get more than a dusting here and there, but yesterday that all changed and it’s looking pristinely winter now. It feels like a comforting embrace when you’re inside looking out with the wood stove going. Hopefully some time you will be able to experience snow, though a lot of folk up here would give anything to escape it. Personally, except for some tricky driving, I find it both invigorating and restful.


    • Thank you! Yes, it’s a winter wonderland here at last. We were 40 inches down on what we usually have at this point. Really cold here today too, so it’s good that the snow is blanketing the flower beds. Hope you get some and if so be safe driving, etc.


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