Another Repost: Song of the Thrush

Another repost from last summer’s Nature Insight series. 

The Thrush
for the moment
without a song,
walked the path
with a purpose
she had all along.

She meant
to crack that snail
so hard to crack;
who would’ve thought
all she should do
was give it a whack.

Whack, wallop, whack!
Whack, wallop, whack!
Such strength to pretend;
Whack, wallop, whack!
Stand back, stand back!

Have a go again!

The thrush
for the moment
found a new song,
flying off with
a meal she knew
she had all along.


Copyright by DM Denton 2011


(Author’s note: Just had a little fun writing this inspired by long ago scribbled words.)

©Artwork and writing, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Diane M Denton. Please request permission to reproduce or post elsewhere with a link back to bardessdmdenton. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Another Repost: Song of the Thrush

  1. We have wrens in our backyard, although they are not as numerous as the hummingbirds, the scrub pinions, the pinion jays, the lesser golden finch, the purple finch, and the long tailed blackbirds. I loved this poem and how it makes a song that cracks the seed the wren is cracking, although in this case the seed is a smile and a chuckle that greets the world as gladly as the wren’s song.


    • Thank you, Thomas! So wonderful to see you here again, your comments are always so thoughtful and encouraging. I have just been catching up on Fourwindowspress blog, and so enjoy the wonderful work by you and Ethel and you lovely family.

      I have attracted quite a variety of birds to my feeders … along with the squirrels and chipmunks … and they are such a joy to watch!


    • Thank you so much, Betty, I am glad you enjoy my work. That means a lot to me! And don’t worry about being behind … I am almost always in catch-up mode when it comes to reading others’ blogs. XO


  2. Such a fun poem! Great artwork to go along with the playful words. I relate to the “whack whollop whack” sounds. The chickadees especially, make a similar sound trying to crack open sunflower seeds. They’re so cute.


    • Thank you! Yes, I love to watch the chickadees getting seed on the feet, flying up to a branch and then working to crack it open! So much to enjoy in nature, as you well know and so beautifully share!


  3. I LOVE this, Diane!! And I wish you were here to tell me what kind of little bird I have, “clicking”, in the cherry trees–they’re cute and small, and to make that sound, seems to involve their whole bodies–as the tail jerks with each “click”! So strange and fascinating! God bless you today–love, Caddo


    • From your description, that little bird is a Wren, probably a House Wren, Caddo. Is it mostly brown in coloring? They are small but can make a lot of ‘noise’, and the tail jerking is certainly a giveaway. They are among my favorites, so industrious and resilient despite their size. Every spring we have some nesting in one or two of the wren houses I have hanging in the oak tree behind the house. Both male and female participate in building the nest, and hatching the eggs, and feeding the young. I have seen them dive bomb squirrels and much larger birds to protect their own. They keep pretty hidden otherwise, but I can often hear them, the ‘clicking’ so distinctive.


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